Axe throwing has become incredibly popular in Canada over the past few years, and the thrilling pastime has now begun to capture the attention of Philadelphians with the launch of Urban Axes.  The sport is very similar to darts: individuals throw small 1-2 lb. axes at wooden targets marked with a bull’s-eye. Points are scored based on where the axe lands on the target. Axe throwing lets you practice hand-eye coordination and discover skills (and muscles) you might not know you have.

Staff members of Urban Axes are all seasoned throwers and act as your coach through the whole experience. Coaches work 1-on-1 with each guest, walking you through throwing techniques, safety protocol, and the scoring process. Coaches have a keen eye for identifying even the slightest tweaks in posture and aim that will help improve the skill and overall experience for each guest. Come on, you didn’t think you’d be handed and axe and sent off on your free wielding way, did you??

Step Up to the AXE

Walk-ins are welcome at Urban Axes, and are particularly fun as a group activity.  Group events are designed for 6 to 24 people and last almost 3 hours. To learn more about Urban Axes and axe throwing as a sport, visit


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