Happy 2024! The new year brings a fresh start, an opportunity to reflect and a chance to set new goals. For some it’s a time to take steps towards self-improvement, to let go of old habits and to embrace the possibility of a better, more fulfilling life. For others it’s making a big move in a career or relationship. Whatever 2024 has in store for you, we have a list of local businesses that will help you reach your new year’s resolutions and goals.

Make Healthier Food Choices

The start of a new year often serves as a check in with our eating habits and gives us a chance to commit to healthier meals. This decision often involves a conscious effort to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods, fresh produce, and a balanced diet into our daily routines. It might mean you have to make some health swaps, toss the processed snacks and explore a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. The journey towards healthier eating won’t happen overnight, but a gradual shift towards more sustainable choices will set you on a path to success. Here are a few healthy dining spots in Philadelphia to get you started.

Be Wellfed

444 N 4th St, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Healthy Food

Wellfed is a meal delivery service designed to make healthy eating a seamless part of your routine. They offer a diverse menu of nutrient-rich, balanced meals that cater to your specific dietary preferences and goals

Photo from Be Wellfed FB Page


Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Finalist | Healthy Food

HipCityVeg offers purely vegan ingredients, compostable materials and delicious foods. They use 100% non-GMO soy ingredients because it’s better for the earth and for you.

Photo from HipCityVeg FB Page

Healthy Meals by Anna

9150 Academy Rd, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Finalist | Healthy Food

Healthy Meals by Anna offers chef prepared meals, delivered right to you in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. They do not use gluten, sugar, soy, corn, artificial flavors or sweeteners, preservatives, canola or vegetables and never cook with aluminum.

Photo from Healthy Meals by Anna FB Page

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Prioritizing health and fitness is a great idea all year round, but now is usually the time we are reminded of that. Setting fitness goals involves a commitment to personal growth, physically and mentally. Whether you prefer strength training or yoga, Philadelphia has great local resources to help you achieve a more active lifestyle in the year ahead.

Evolve Fitness PHL

126 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Gym

Evolve Fitness offers functional fitness, personal training, HIIT, open gym and more. They offer fitness programs tailored to meet you where you are.

Photo from Evolve Fitness FB Page

Studio 34

4522 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Yoga

Studio 34 offers affordable yoga classes, workshops and art shows for those who seek healing, as well as space for wellness practitioners to provide various forms of therapy, from acupuncture to massage to psychotherapy and more.

Photo from Studio 34 FB Page.

Northeast Cycle

9910 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Group Exercise

Northeast Cycle is a cycling studio in Philadelphia. Come and ride!

Photo from Northeast Cycle FB Page.

New Year, New You

Sometimes the new year brings a desire for a “new you.” If you’re craving change, try starting with a new hair cut or color, or even adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe. Philadelphia’s talented stylists can help you achieve a new look. Here are a few of our 2023 Happening List Winners.

Change Up Your Hairstyle

Salon Blush

2407 E York St, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Haircut

Salon Blush offers a variety of salon services, including cuts, styling for everyday wear or special occasions, Hot Heads extensions, color treatments and so much more.

Photo from Salon Blush FB Page.

Ashlyn Bausman Studio

1621 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Hair Color

Ashlyn Bausman Studio is a unique space for customized color, cuts and extensions.

Photo from Ashlyn Bausman Instagram.

Glam by Gianna

4937 National Street, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Hair Extension

Glam by Gianna specializes in extensions and blonding in Philadelphia.

Photo from Glam by Gianna Instagram Page.

Update Your Wardrobe

Boyds Philadelphia

1818 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Women’s & Men’s Clothing

Boyds is a fourth generation, family owned luxury retailer. Since 1938, Boyds has provided clients with luxury fashion and experiences that aim to enhance modern relevance while keeping traditions alive.

Photo from Boyds Facebook Page

VIP Fashion

1651 Franklin Mills Cir Unit 217, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Women’s Formal Wear

Have a formal event coming up? Check out VIP Fashion – the largest one stop destination for your dream dress. VIP Fashion is currently located in malls in Philadelphia, Whitehall and King of Prussia.

Photo from VIP Fashion Facebook Page.

Retrospect Vintage

508 South St, Philadelphia, PA
2023 Happening List Winner | Vintage

Retrospect has all of your fashion needs, whether you are looking for an elegant fifties dress, dashing seventies suit, funky eighties accessories or anything in between.

Photo from Retrospect Facebook Page.

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