For Makers Meetup #14 we will be featuring the companies just selected into the Fall 2017 cohort of NextFab’s Rapid Hardware Accelerator program.
The companies include: Robocandy: Designing premium, compact and modular arcade cabinets for eSports tournaments and retro gaming enthusiasts. EAOS: Developing audio and communication systems for adventurous lifestyles. Unruly Studios: Offers the first ever Active STEM Play experience for kids ages 6-12 to get them moving around and learning to code. Kelby: Kelby’s fully-automated, aeroponic, app-controlled Cubes aim to revolutionize farming, allowing anyone to grow anything anywhere, and POWTI Innovations: Creators of a fully automated, standalone traumatic injury detection device that instantly calls for help.

The program will begin at 5:00 with a table-top Showcase featuring the presenting companies and many others, including GuestOf, Mechanicards, Strados Labs, Adaptive Design and Just Bloomed.

The formal presentation will begin promptly at 6:30.

The program is free, but space is very limited, so sign up now to reserve your seat.

Our major sponsor is Arrow Electronics – underwriting the space and the food. Other regular sponsors include NextFab, Duane Morris and Ben Franklin Technology Partners while the non-profit Merchants Fund administers our finances. GregoryFCA has donated its services to provide public relations support for this event. Erica Minutella manages our social media engagement.

Chris Beauvois: Chris is the founder of Kelby, a company taking on complex problems through innovation and great design. He enjoys making, learning, teaching and thinking about sustainable solutions for water, food and energy. He is an active contributor to open-source hardware and software communities.

Alperen Topay: Alperen Topay, CEO/Founder @ EAOS. Alperen holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University and worked in the role of R&D engineer at Vestel, one of Europe’s largest home appliance manufacturers. He came up with the idea for EAOS during his daily work commute and started building the foundations of the product while employed. He quit his job and founded EAOS after realizing a need in the market.

Thomas Cavett: Thomas Cavett is a Co-Founder of POWTI Innovations. He is a former Green Beret and Special Forces Medical Sergeant in the US Army. Thomas has over a decade of experience in civilian and military medical care, and he is an expert in the Asia-Pacific Region. Thomas has a passion for creating things and has designed products such as combat trauma medical equipment and medical airway devices. Thomas speaks Japanese fluently, has a BA in International Affairs and Japanese from The George Washington University and is a current MBA/MA candidate at Wharton.

Bryanne Leeming: Bryanne Leeming is a Boston-based entrepreneur and founder of Unruly Studios, an education technology company building creates interactive games and hardware products to empower kids with critical STEM skills while combining active learning, physical play, intellectual stimulation and social engagement.

Langston Clement: Langston has been passionate about video games and arcades since he was young. His constant obsession of video game hardware and accessories has led him to creating this startup in order to produce beautifully made arcade cabinets. His study of the Japanese arcade scene influenced him to create these cabinets which are not available on the current market. He wishes to disrupt the arcade industry with simple, clean and minimalist designs that puts a modern twist to a long tradition of gaming cabinetry.

Dr. Evan Malone: Dr. Evan Malone is the moderator of this evening’s conversation. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania, and Master of Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in mechanical and systems engineering from Cornell University. His research activities have spanned autonomous mobile robotics and 3D printing of electromechanical devices and biological materials.
Evan has worked on the conceptual design of particle accelerators at the US Department of Energy’s Fermilab high-energy physics laboratory.He is founder and president of NextFab, a for-profit social enterprise which develops and operates a network of maker-spaces which provides direct access to advanced manufacturing technology, technical training, product development services, and business acceleration and incubation services.
Through his NextFab Foundation, and its ROW3D program, Evan supports humanitarian, educational, and economic development applications of technology, including the development of maker spaces to serve domestic and refugee populations in conflict zones and front-line states.

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