by Alyson M. Komyanek

This month I am going to let you all in on a really big secret. Are you ready? Ok—here it goes…every once and a while it is OK to splurge. Can you believe that? Okay, now that the secret is out, you should know that there are rules for splurging too. For example, you should only splurge on items that will help make you healthier, save you money or make your richer in the long run. Not sure what I mean? Well, the following is a list of Miss Money Funny approved splurges that might help you understand—


A decent pair of sunglasses

I bought a pair or Ralph Lauren shades about 5 years ago and have never regretted it. They are the best pair of sunglasses I have ever had. They cost about $140, which at the time I thought was a little cray, but I’ve never had to replace, resize or even think about replacing or resizing these bad boys since. The lenses are polarized for added comfort and safety from UV rays too, so I never find myself squinting like I did with some other, less expensive pairs I’ve had in the past. I purchased them at Sunglass Hut, which also provided a case for safe keeping. Sunglass Hut also has outlet stores for those looking to save on the splurge.

Justification: Saves money. How many of those $12 pair of sunglasses have you purchased this year? If your answer is more than 2, than I have already spent less than you. The cost of my glasses equals about $28 a year for the past 5 years.

A memory foam pillow

Or anything memory foam for that matter. Normally, I wouldn’t approve of paying more than $10 for a pillow, but I got a memory foam pillow as a gift once, and I can tell you, it is well worth the extra money. I have never slept better. Spend the money and get one of these for yourself. You’ll sleep better, which means you’ll feel better overall. Though I don’t own any at the moment, I also approve of memory foam mats and mattress pads.

Justification: Health. We all need our rest. Get yourself a memory foam pillow so you’ll have more energy to be a smart shopper for everything else.

A great pair of kicks

When it comes to sneakers, I’ve been all over the spectrum. I’ve owned really, really cheap ones and really, really, expensive ones. There is an obvious difference. Spending a little extra on a pair of sneakers will actually save you on things like medical expenses (like all those blisters you’d get from the less expensive pair) and preventing you from having to buy a new pair every few months. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable when shopping or site seeing, so you won’t want to take a break for coffee or ice cream as often (which will save both your wallet and waste line).

Justification: Health and money saver. Walkers and runners will feel the benefits of spending more on a nice pair of shoes. Even if you’re not overly active, you need to support your feet. You won’t be buying new shoes as often if you spend the money up front.

Professional Investments

It doesn’t matter if it’s attending a conference, obtaining a license or advancing your degree, it is fine to put your money towards these types of endeavors. In some cases your company may pay for it, but in others it might be on you. It’s not as fun or exciting as buying a new pair of sunglasses, but it is worth spending the money.

Justification: It will make you richer. The more you know, the further your go. 

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