If Punxsutawney Phil is right, there’s still plenty of time to map out your garden and landscape plans for the spring. This year, consider your outdoor space in much the same way you’d think about your living room or den. How do you and your family spend time outside? What are your goals for the time you spend in your yard and how does that reflect your aesthetic? Leveraging some simple trends in planting and design can truly transform your garden, allowing you to feel as “at home” there as you would in your most favorite chair in the house.

Choose Native Plants

Thousands of plants grew in this area long before European colonialists showed up and established the 13 colonies. Ferns, clubmosses, grasses, sedges, wildflowers, vines and shrubs are perfectly suited for the soil and climate of our region. Given the right mix of sun and shade, and moist or dry soil, native plants can truly thrive in your garden with very low maintenance after planting. Plus, they’ll draw pollinators all spring and summer and be able to withstand frost once winter approaches.

Leverage A Little Whimsy

Perfectly manicured gardens will always be incredibly enviable, but not everyone has the time and energy to maintain the look and feel of a tidy boxwood-lined yard. This year, add some plants and flowers to lend a more relaxed vibe to your outdoor space. In addition to tall grasses and wildflowers, using gravel and woodchips on walkways or leveraging unexpected containers such a vintage birdbaths or rustic whiskey barrel containers adds both texture and personality to your space.

Foster Sustainability

Emphasizing function as much as form in your garden design can go a long way. Choosing plants, flowers and shrubs that keep deer away but attract bees and hummingbirds help boost your yard’s ecological health, and make for a lush and healthy landscape to enjoy all season long.

Local Garden Pros

As you plan your garden, leverage the experts at these local nurseries and garden centers. The folks there can help you select a range of plants and flowers that will work in your yard, given the soil conditions and sun/shade patterns at play.

Urban Jungle
1721 S. Water Street, Philadelphia (nursery)
1526 East Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia (retail shop)

MGC Landscaping and Tree Service
9216 Ashton Road, Philadelphia

Precision Landscaping
 4140 Hill St, Coplay

Avant Gardens
770 N. 22nd Street, Philadelphia

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