Yesterday, Tuesday, April 26, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia celebrated 30 years of building and repairing homes in Philadelphia at its annual Building HOPE Luncheon. The Pennsylvania Convention Center Ballroom hosted 1,047 supporters for the event that raised $396,032 for the organization’s mission to build and repair homes for local families in need.

The luncheon featured speakers Jim Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia and Ukee Washington, Eyewitness News Anchor for CBS3.

Corinne O’Connell, associate executive director for Habitat Humanity Philadelphia, spoke of the importance of impacting families in need–one home at a time. She told a poignant anecdote about a little girl who walked across a beach filled with starfish that had been washed ashore. As the little girl started throwing starfish, one by one, back into the sea, someone said to her, “you’ll never make a difference!” The little girl replied, “I made a difference to that one!”

O’Connell also announced the EVERY DOLLAR CHALLENGE opportunity. From now, until May 8, ever $150 gift or more to Habitat Humanity Philadelphia will be doubled.

$150 – paints a child’s Habitat bedroom

$300 – buys all of the nails needed to build one of our 1150 SF Habitat homes

$500 – buys and installs two energy-efficient, energy-star windows

$1000 – insulates a home from top to bottom

Outside the ballroom, a board with the question, “Everyone deserves a decent place to live because_______” was displayed, inviting supporters to post their responses. The following are responses were posted.


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For more information about Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia and the EVERY DOLLAR CHALLENGE, visit the Web site:  http://www.habitatphiladelphia.org/


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