It’s a brand new year and it’s time for a brand new YOU, right? If sugar cookies, snicker doodles and spiked eggnog were three of your basic food groups last month, you might be among the millions of Americans who have resolved to lose a few pounds this year. Now the only thing left to do is STICK TO IT!

We’ve compiled a list of awesome workout gear, gym facilities and motivational fitness apps that will not only help you keep your resolutions, but will make you feel good while doing it by supporting great charities and causes at the same time.

“The Gear”

Chase Infinite
This is a fitness apparel company who is about more than shirts and motivation — it’s about making people’s lives healthier, better and more fulfilling. Not only are their burnout tanks comfy and sexy, but one dollar from each shirt sold is donated to a relevant charity like the American Heart Association, Freedom Is Not Free and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. We’re obsessed with their “Strong Women Empower Women” tank. And don’t worry guys there are some great motivational options for you too!

If you haven’t tried on a pair of Yogiiza yoga pants then you’re really missing out. Try them on ASAP and expect your world to get a lot more Zen. This Miami based company makes eco-friendly, organic yoga gear that is so comfortable you just might look forward to working out! And the biggest reason we love this company is that they are huge supporters of a number of charitable organizations — including 305 Yoga Gangsters, an outreach group that teaches yoga to impoverished children, single mothers, prisoners, and other at-risk groups to promote acceptance and self-esteem. They are also committed to increasing environmental awareness through education, an environmentally conscious company culture and activities like beach cleanups. Talk about good karma!

“The Gym”

SWEAT Fitness 
What if we told you that you could work out for FREE and do something amazing for Philadelphia school teachers at the same time? Well, thanks to the super generous team at SWEAT Fitness, you can. Bring in a ream of paper to any SWEAT Fitness location January 4 through February 14, 2015 and you get to work out for FREE (note: that this is limited to one free workout per person). Paper is the most critical and in-demand classroom supply, and due to continually shrinking budgets, teachers often end up purchasing the paper they need out-of-pocket once their allotment runs out. Find the SWEAT Fitness location nearest you and help them support Philadelphia teachers throughout the school year!

“The Motivation” 

Charity Miles
Did you know that you can make a donation to your favorite charity without even opening your wallet? Thanks to the genius team at Charity Miles and their generous sponsors, you can earn money for hundreds of different charities for every mile you run, walk or bike. All you have to do is download and launch the Charity Miles app, choose a charity, and MOVE! Earn 25 cents for every mile you walk or run and earn 10 cents for every mile you bike up to $1,000,000.

Setting goals is easy, but accomplishing those goals can be hard. The team at stickK — an organization that offers you the opportunity, through ‘Commitment Contracts’, to show to yourself and others the value you put on achieving your goals — knows that incentives and accountability are essential in motivating us to follow through on our commitments, which is why they created the free stickK app. The app, which is linked to your credit card, allows users to simply enter their goal, set the stakes (the motivation), select a referee (the accountability part), and sign a commitment contract. If (and only IF) you don’t meet your goal stickK will charge a charitable donation to your credit card. It’s like having a personal trainer and a life coach in your pocket!

Now you have the gear, the gym and the apps to make your workouts matter, so GET MOVING PHILLY! 


Original article by Katie Everett, Founder of Philly Gives – an organization aimed at maximizing positive community impact in Philadelphia by fostering collaboration and generating increased awareness, support and involvement in local charitable efforts. You can connect with Philly Gives by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter or e-mailing them at

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