“We live in a special city. We want everyone to feel strong. Rocky strong.”
– Cindy Brown, co-owner of CoreFitness in Philadelphia

With the highly anticipated follow-up to Philadelphia’s most iconic movie, Rocky, hitting theaters this month, we’re reminded of the fighting spirit that makes the city so special.  That Philadelphia spirit and a passion for fitness is behind CoreFitness, the energetic Philadelphia Art Museum bootcamp workout that goes beyond a means to pump up the heart rate; it’s rooted in a strong, likeminded community of individuals with an insatiable drive to be their own best.


While “boot camps” may sound intimidating to the average person looking to get in shape, CoreFitness offers a welcoming environment for all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness levels.  Classes are not run by former military drill sergeants. Rather, you’ll find skilled fitness instructors experienced in motivating, encouraging and supporting each person safely. Participants often find themselves laughing as they are sweating through the workout.

From an elite athlete, to someone new to fitness, or a new mom getting back into shape, CoreFitness trainers are known for inspiring clients to push themselves to do more than they first thought achievable. Classes exemplify Philadelphia’s famous brotherly love, with students often cheering each other on and celebrating milestones. While providing hands-on personal training and nutritional guidance, classes also foster fun, interaction, and even scenic views around the beautiful city of Philadelphia.


CoreFitness holds their warm-weather workouts atop the iconic Philadelphia Art Museum steps, moving to indoor locations during the winter months.

This city has as much beauty as it does grit. The view standing atop the Art Museum stairs, down the Ben Franklin Parkway, at 6am – is a site to behold, it’s majestic.

For CoreFitnesss, the “Rocky steps” represent something more than a convenient location – it’s a place where great relationships have been forged, physical limitations vanished, strong body and minds created, special occasions celebrated, and summer nights savored.  The steps are a true representation of the spirit that is Philadelphia.


Surrounded by outdoor “equipment” – stairs to climb, bike racks for push ups, and ramps to jump over – CoreFitness takes a fun and functional approach to fitness. A make-shift obstacle course increases endurance and strength through cross-training.  In fact, Core Fitness was even featured on 6ABC for their creative and popular playground workouts; swings, monkey bars, basketball court, park benches, picnic tables – there is a limitless amount of activity that can be done in outdoors of Philadelphia that is a terrific workout.

Core Fitness began in 2002 by Gina Mancuso with co-owners Cindy Brown & Lauren Rybas Krinis joining as partners a few years later. The Self Magazine award-winning fitness community that they’ve built is the type that celebrates birthdays and forms friendships, with a genuine care for each and every CoreFitness client at the foundation. Instructors are driven to help clients achieve a happier, more active lifestyle.

“We discovered that physical activity and mindful nutrition is more than diet and exercise. It’s a lifestyle.”

Within the CoreFitness community at any given moment, there is a member striving to become a better version of themselves. Their efforts are infectious and a daily reminder to the entire group that healthy, happy and fit living is a lifelong mission that can be as fun as it is effective.


CoreFitness also offers specialty training classes- marathon runners, cyclists, and even participants in Tough Mudders and Spartan races. Other popular programs help brides prepare for their wedding day and moms get back in shape safely post-pregnancy.

In addition to their welcoming attitude and fun-loving spirit, the CoreFitness community also prioritizes giving back to the community. Since 2010, CoreFitness has offered group fitness services free of charge to Philadelphia Firefighters and Police Officers. Their spouses are encouraged to attend as well, for a discounted rate of $10 per class.

“These men and women have enriched our classes with their enthusiasm and appreciation. Their humor and interaction with the other classmates has proved rewarding for everyone.”

In addition to classes, CoreFitness is actively involved in a variety of community initiatives – participating in the Philadelphia Police and Firefighter memorial races for the past 6 years, hosting charity boot camps and events to raise funds for their fallen members, holding food drives for the Veteran’s Multi Service center, donating to the Jane Addams Women’s shelter in West Philadelphia, and more.


CoreFitness is now offering holiday programs and classes to help everyone maintain their health throughout December and kick off a successful new year in January. Find their latest programs online at http://core-fitness.frontdeskhq.com.


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