team-buildingNow that the summer season has come to an end and the kids are back in school, it’s a great time to start to re-vamp your team at work.  Team building is a valuable part of any business since work is so often done with many moving parts.  As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!  Here are some great ideas and places to check out if your business is ready to do some team building!

improvComedy Improvisation

Have you ever seen “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” The show where a bunch of super quick comedians seemingly make stuff up on the spot?  Chances are if you have you’ve thought there was no way that could be possible, but it really is, and taking an improv class with your co-workers could be a great way to work on a lot of valuable skills.  Comedy improv is great for anyone who needs to present, whether in small groups, on a large scale, or even to clients one-on-one.  The skills you and your office-mates can learn in an improv class will help with public speaking, allow you to practice thinking out of the box, and give you a chance to have a blast with your team.  Here are some great places in Philly that offer improv classes:

PHIT Comedy (Philly Improv Theater)

Comedy Sportz Philly

room_escapeEscape the Room

Imagine being stuck in a room with all of your co-workers and having to solve a series of puzzles in order to be let out.  Sounds fun right?  Well actually yes it is!  It’s a game and a great way to see who on your team is competitive, who takes charge, find the followers and the leaders all of whom are important to any team.  Check out these amazing places to organize an ‘escape the room’ with your team!

Escape the Room Philly

Amazing Escape Room

ESC Philly

World of Escapes

Escape the 1980s

Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking to take your team on the move and check out the city it might be a great idea to plan a scavenger hunt in Philly.  There are many companies that can organize a hunt that is specifically geared to your specific team building needs!  Here are a few…

City Hunt

Smart Hunts

Watson Adventures

Stray Boots


You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of a painting party, made popular over the last few years.  Perhaps you’ve thought there’s no way a whole group would like it, what if you aren’t very artistic.  The truth is, however, these well organized parties, hosted by artists, allow anyone to feel like Van Gogh!  Okay well maybe not that good but they are very fun and chances are even the ‘worst’ artist will be surprised at what they will make.  It is a great activity for team building because everyone is making the same picture but individuality comes out in abundance.  It is fun and relaxing, especially when paired with a few cocktails!  Check out these Philly places that offer painting parties.

Mermaid Studios

Painting with a Twist

The Untapped Artist

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