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Novem BootCamp
1221 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125
CrossFit Novem & Novem Barbell (On-Ramp Sessions)
1732 Howard Street, Unit B
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Winner: CrossFit


CrossFit brings together unique groups of people in pursuit of a common interest – lifelong fitness and well-being. No matter your size, age, or athletic ability, anyone who walks through the doors at CrossFit Novem will be reminded that a commitment to fitness is important for their lives and the lives of the people they love. What is more powerful than the gift of being able to jog up a flight of stairs with ease or chase your grandchildren around the backyard? Is it for everyone? It can be. Anyone can do this!

To CrossFit Novem, CrossFit means more than just a great workout- it’s about creating a community of people with common goals. Joe and Lesha met CrossFitting in the Philadelphia area, and they both cherish the friendships they’ve made through CrossFit. These friendships and connections have created bonds that go deeper than strength training and weight loss; these are the bonds that inspire us and our clients/athletes to make fitness a way of life. At traditional gyms, the focus is on the client signing a contract and working out on an elliptical machine. At CrossFit Novem, the goal is to have you to show up three to five times a week and have FUN every single time you come in!  We jump on boxes, flip tires, lift heavy things, hang from ropes, and that’s only just the beginning.

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