farmers-market-bountyIt’s no surprise to anyone that eating fresh produce from a local garden is a healthier option than getting it from the grocery store. Even First Lady, Michelle Obama, encourages healthy eating with her “Let’s Move!” campaign and the White House garden, which she started when her husband took office.

So it’s a no-brainer right? Let’s grab our watering cans and get started! If you ever tried to plant anything, however, then you know that gardening is tough. It takes time, effort, and lots of patience, and that doesn’t always mean you’ll reap what you sow.

So this leaves us with a conundrum, we want to eat healthy, local food but how do we get it?  What you may not know is that eating locally can also benefit the many farmers we have here in Bucks County. We have an abundance of great farms here, not to mention wonderful people who run them, so if you’re a person who wants to eat healthy fresh food and support our community then it’s time to learn about a CSA.

CSA, which is short for Community Supported Agriculture, is a way for folks to share locally grown produce.  Also, appropriately called a “farm share” you pay a set amount of money at the start of the farm’s season, typically based on whether you are going to use a full share of crops or a half share. Some farms even have programs where you can spend time helping to grow and pick the crops. So there’s even stuff for those of us who want to get our hands at least a little bit dirty, and learn a thing or two about farming in the process!

In addition to the health and economic benefits, you will be getting produce that actually tastes better and lasts longer since in doesn’t have to travel days or weeks to get to you.  You will also be getting a variety of produce including some items you may never have heard of before.  Granted, that can seem a bit scary, but it’s always fun to try new things.  Many of the farmers can offer suggestions of how to prepare the fruits and veggies or you can use a search engine to find tons of great recipes.  Who knows, you may actually discover that there are lots of healthy foods that you like.

In order to get started check out the farms on the list below and find one that is close enough to be convenient for you to pick up your share.  Some of them offer you the ability to pick up shares at local farmers markets or even at your office or one near you.  Another great tip, especially if you are new to this and unsure how it will fit into your lifestyle, is going in on a half or full share with a friend or family member.

Philadelphia CSA Programs

Greensgrow Farms
2503 E. Firth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Multiple pick-up locations

Philly Foodworks
[email protected]
Multiple pick-up locations and delivery

Crawford Organics
387 Iron Bridge Road
East Earl PA 17519
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

Highland Orchards
1431 Foulk Road
Wilmington, DE 19803
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

Jack’s Farm
1370 W Schuylkill Road
Pottstown, PA 19465
[email protected]
Wednesday pick-up in Northern Liberties


Lancaster Fresh Farms
48 Eagle Drive
Leola, PA 17540
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

Landisdale Farm
838 Ono Road
Jonestown PA 17038
Saturday pick-up in West Philadelphia

Red Earth Farm
5785 Golden Key Road
Kempton, PA 19529
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

Rineer Family Farms
642 Maricville Rd.
Pequea, PA 17565
[email protected]
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

Taproot Farm
66 Kemmerer Road
Shoemakersville, PA 19555
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

Weavers Way Co-op
559 Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia, PA
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

West Philly Foods
4548 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139
Multiple Philadelphia pick-up locations

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