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Imagine- you’re scrolling through social media, post after post, like a zombie when…BAM! – an image of a sandwich so beautiful, layered to perfection stops you in your tracks. Suddenly all you can think about is the fastest way to get that sandwich onto your plate, and into your mouth. We have compiled a list of the best places in Philly to get your own scroll stopping sandwiches this summer. We know in this town, hoagies and cheesesteaks reign supreme, but if you’re in the mood for something traditional, or  feel like eating outside the box, we’ve got you covered. Planning a picnic in the park? Tailgating at an outdoor concert? Packing your cooler for a day down the shore? These Happenings List winners have everything you need and more:

1.Mi-Pals Deli- As a part of the local South Philadelphia neighborhood traditions for nearly 27 years, their sandwiches are prepared daily along with hot cheesesteaks and mouth-watering chicken cutlets.

2.Pastificio- All of your favorite Italian Classics, perfected. They offer made to order sandwiches, as well as a selection of specialty items to stock your kitchen, and make your own creations at home!

3.Fink’s Hoagies (Center City)- Try their signature Italian Hoagie, and come with an appetite! Their sandwiches are proudly advertised as “hefty”, and would easily feed the masses at your next family picnic.

4.Tommy DiNic’s (Center City)– They’ve been slinging pork and beef in Reading Terminal Market since 1954! Simple and delicious, the way a sandwich should be.

5.Tony Luke’s (South Philly)- No list of the best sandwiches in Philly would be complete without a Cheesesteak veteran. Their rib-eye is cooked to order, and always served on in-house fresh daily baked bread. Customize it to your liking, with a variety of toppings.


Looking for more sandwich inspiration? Checkout Middle Child in Philadelphia for sandwiches that pack a punch. Head over to their instagram (@middlechildphiladelphia) for a laugh…and of course, drool worthy sandwich content!





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