By Bridget Reilly

Do you have an upcoming celebration that needs to be sweetened? Whether it’s a graduation, birthday, or anniversary, look no further than your local bakeries to deliver the goods you need to honor any of your friends or family. With personal custom goodies everyone is bound to enjoy and by supporting the small businesses around you, it’s a delicious WIN- WIN!

2022 was nothing short of another tasteful year when it came to cookies, cakes, croissants, and muffins. You name it! Here are our notable bakeries you should check out in Philly.

The Home of the DOYO

What’s a DOYO? Ask Tiffany’s Bakery and you shall receive a “dough-yo” that is steamed, not fried, for a more flavorful and moist taste than a traditional fried cake donut. They’re also healthier for you than the alternative! Tiffany’s Bakery is not limited to DOYOs, and has cakes, cupcakes, and a variety of baked goods to satisfy your craving. 


Fashion District of Philadelphia and SEPTA Suburban Station


Custom Cakes Galore

Brendenbeck’s Bakery specializes in your next event cake, meticulously curating your vision for a birthday party to a wedding. The bakery holds several accolades, including being featured on The Food Network for its cakes and variety of pastries made to satisfy any dessert craving.

8126 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118


History in the Baking

Holmesburg Bakery has been serving Philadephia delectable pastries since 1900 and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The bakery specializes in custom goodies for your special occasions and makes several celebratory treats for the holidays in any given calendar year. Holmesburg also has surprise pastries only served one day out of the year, such as fasnachts and cannoli donuts. Get them while you can!

7933 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA


Hot Chestnut Buns

Barry’s Buns in Chestnut Hill is serving specialty buns, inspired by the owner’s childhood memory of his father regularly bringing home sticky buns for his family. From a traditional sticky bun to a strawberry cheesecake babka bun, Barry’s has every sweet treat bun you could imagine, along with classic pastries to accompany you home for a treat.

The Market at the Fareway

8221 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19118

267-521-BUNS (2867)


Featured image credit: Barry’s Buns

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