After an eventful summer in Philly, surviving back to school and settling into our fall routines, it’s time to give your house a little love. Fancy up your curb appeal, or add a fresh coat of paint. Look no further than our list of top picks. Here’re suggested outdoor tasks, and the top pros to help you increase your home’s value from power washing to painting. 

Open space with designed furnishings


It’s in the Name: Mr. Contractor

With 65 years of experience, Mr. Contractor is ready to help you with any home improvement needs on your list. Our 2022 Happening List winner offers residential and commercial services from roofs to additions. Explore their offerings and get a free quote today!

2628-34 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19125


Expert General Contracting

Looking for any and all renovations as the fall season approaches? This is your spot. The contracting company excels in large or small projects, such as custom kitchens and baths, in which they specialize in. They also offer electrical and plumbing services. Run your project ideas by them to see if it’s the best fit!

3622 Genesee Place, Philadelphia, Pa 19154


The Hero of Your Home

Superman has entered your house of The Home Hero contracting company. Their superpowers include babyproofing, plumbing, bathroom remodeling, home organization, drywall, and painting, electronics installation, and more! Leave the work to the heroes for your home renovation project.

529 McKean Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19148



Honey, Let’s Do it!

Your trusted handyman and more is at Honey Do Home Services to repair, replace, or remodel any and everything in your home. From painting to carpentry, these are your 2022 Happening List winner and they’re waiting for your phone call!

The Rittenhouse Handyman

Locally owned and operated small business in Center City, The Rittenhouse Handyman is ready to help you take on your at-home projects that are still on your t0-do list. While they are professionals in general renovations such as mounting televisions, they also specialize in maintenance, plumbing, carpentry, and electrical needs. Submit a request today to get a move on your home refreshment for the fall season.

2011 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19103



Miss the Greenery in the Concrete Jungle? Visit Urban Jungle

Find the perfect plant additions at Urban Jungle — 2022 Happening List winner — to give your apartment and windowsill more life. Need more than a few plants? No problem. Urban Jungle also offers landscaping services, such as container gardens, green roofs, living walls, and window boxes to create a personal city garden for you.

Retail Shop: 1526 Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, Pa 19147

Nursery: 1721 S. Water Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19148


MGC Landscaping and Tree Service

For 38 years, MGC has been a trusted lawn care company in the city. The business offers services in commercial lawn maintenance, trees, snow removal, and firewood. As the fall season creeps closer, call MGC for your lawn care needs and place an order for firewood needed for the cold season.

9216 Ashton Road, Philadelphia, Pa 19114


Avant Gardens

Since 1982, Avant Gardens has been a hot spot for landscaping solutions, whether residential, municipal, or commercial. They offer a variety of services such as landscape design, masonry, lawn care, water elements, and more!

770 N. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa 19130


Moving Companies

Retro Moving Company

Not renewing your lease and moving to a new apartment in the fall? Call Retro Moving Company to assist you in the big ordeal. Besides handling all your boxes and furniture, our 2022 Happening List winner will assist with trash removal, disaster service, basements — whatever you need.


The Mount Olympus of Moving

Moving has its many challenges. Let Olympia Moving and Storage help you make the transition with ease, offering residential and commercial moving services, along with full-service storage with packing and unpacking assistance. Providing moving service within a 50-mile radius of the city, Olympus has your back.


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