Sometimes a scrapbook, journal, or picture is not enough to commemorate something or someone special. Are you looking to make things more permanent? Remembering a trip, a loved one or showing artistic expression, can be just that when getting a tattoo from any of the several parlors in Philly. 

Creative etchings and designs have put these places on the map in 2022 and in your market for your next tattoo.

Permanent and Infinite

For over two decades, Infinite Body Piercing has made a name for itself in the professional piercing industry, as the studio was the winner of the Philly 2022 Happenings List. They offer a variety of piercing services, as well as an online store to shop their high-quality jewelry. 

626 S. 4th Street, 19147



Moos and Tattoos

Now, you don’t have to get a tattoo of a cow for Moo Tattoo (even though it’s probably highly encouraged), the tattoo studio specializes in any design you need to bring to life. Moo is also dedicated to client safety, laying out its policies on its website. Consider Moo to create your next tattoo!

513 South Street, 2R, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

(215) 521-1490


Dakini Tattoo Art Collective

While the website of Dakini is down, the owner is still designing and looking out for their clients. The business has changed to a private studio and is accepting selective appointments, offering consultations, half-day, and full-day tattoo appointments. 

Booking information can be found by emailing

Link to Instagram: @dakinitattoo


Pick a Piercer, Pick a Piercing, Become a Warrior

Just as there are stages to becoming a soldier or warrior, there are stages to selecting the right person and business for a piercing. Warrior Piercings is here to help. With three professional piercers and a variety of options to choose from, the studio is here to make your added jewelry the best it can be.

513 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 925-7905

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