Ms. Bucks County, DeAnna Poole shares an equal love of the city Philadelphia and Bucks County. Her pageant career allows her to proudly represent both. DeAnna chatted with Happenings Media about what it’s been like for her in the pageant circle, her non- profit organization supporting the arts and her future plans.

Meet Ms. Bucks County

HM: How did you get your start in pageants?
DP: Growing up in the city, I’ve come to have a love for the arts and entertainment so it was no surprise to anyone that pageantry would be in my future. I believe that every woman should participate in a pageant or competition at least once because they promote self-growth and offer
many empowering opportunities. I did my first pageant when I was fifteen with another organization, but I wanted to one day become Miss America, I started competing in the Miss America scholarship organization when I was 19. The Miss America organization now identifies
as a competition but the elements of supporting women and girls for success remains the same.

HM: How old do you have to be to be Miss Bucks County?
DP: To participate in the Miss Bucks County competition, you must be at least 17 years of age but no older than 25.

HM: You are from Philadelphia but now live in Bucks? or are you still in the city?
DP: I currently reside in Philadelphia, but I am proud to represent Bucks and will be primarily working in Bucks County during my year!

HM: Tell us about your platform?
DP: My platform, “Let’s Be Creative”, is named after my non-profit organization that has the mission to provide youth with an arts education. Although I grew up immersed in the arts, it was mainly due to the efforts of my parents and myself. By middle school, I realized that the arts were not always a guaranteed part of every school’s curriculum despite being a necessary part of a well-rounded education. Although funding sometimes neglects the arts the youth still needs it. This need is what motivated me to start my own organization that focuses on the visual arts
specifically, but I hope to one day expand it to other forms of art as well.

HM: How has the pageant industry helped you so far?
DP: The pageant industry has helped me in coming of age. Being a teen in the 2010’s, and even now, there were so many questionable influences. Participating in pageantry not only helped to enforce my character but I believe that it helped to push me towards the next level in all
aspects. The Miss America crown has four points; service, style, scholarship and success. Just a few years ago I never would have thought that I would go on to pursue my own non-profit organization despite my involvement in the public service then, or that I would have the support
to be a painter, but yet here I am. Moreover, this industry has encouraged me to pursue an even higher level of education through scholarships.

HM: What are your goals moving forward?
DP: Moving forward, I would like to finish my undergrad education to receive my (long awaited) degree in Communications and to further enter the world of journalism.

HM: What has changed since winning Miss Bucks County?
DP: Since winning the title of Miss Bucks County, I feel a new sense of responsibility and I am
striving to make a lasting impact on the community.

HM: What’s the best part about being Ms. Bucks County?
DP: The best part about having this title is feeling a sense of community and support and having a
platform to advocate for the arts among the other things that I am passionate about.

Get to Know DeAnna- Here’s the Scoop!

Local Favorites:

Favorite date location?
Painting with a Twist

Best brunch spot?

Best view?
The local castles

Favorite place to shop?
The mall!

This or That?

Poconos getaway or NJ Beach
The jersey shore for sure

Hulu or Netflix

Mexican or Pizza

Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat

Winter or Summer

Plane or Car

Fancy or Casual

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