Philly_cream_cheeseThe cat is out of the bag: “Philadelphia” cream cheese is not actually from Philadelphia. It isn’t made here, and wasn’t developed here, even though most people think it was. American style cream cheese, which is a version of what was originally known in Europe as Neufchatel, developed in the 1870s by dairy man William Lawrence in West Chester, New York. In 1880 cheese broker, Alvah Reynolds, helped Lawrence brand the creamy spread, Philadelphia Cream Cheese.
So why, you ask, was the name Philadelphia was chosen for the branding? In the late 1800s Philly was known as the best place in the country for high quality dairy products. Philadelphia Cream Cheese was manufactured by Phenix cheese company which was bought by Kraft Cheese Company in 1928. Kraft has been producing the delicious cheesy goodness ever since!
Philadelphia may not be responsible for this breakfast staple but we’ll be happy to continue to take the credit! So chew on that Wisconsin!

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