unnamed-2From trimming the tree to handing bright bulbs around your porch, your electric bill can skyrocket during the holiday season. Philly residents, follow these tips to keep your home energy bills under control this year!

Have your heating system checked. Hot water heaters and boilers should be looked at annually to ensure they are working properly, especially if you have older units heating your home. If it’s time for an upgrade, look into energy efficient models to get the most for your money!

Turn your thermostat down during the day and open up the shades. The heat from the sun will make up for the few degrees you lowered your thermostat. When the sun goes down, close the shades and boost the heat up slightly to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Keep your furnace clean and clear. In order for your furnace to do its job effectively, the vents need to be properly cleaned and maintained. Dust your furnace frequently to prevent buildup, and have it professionally inspected annually. Be sure to keep the area in front of and around the furnace clear so that the heat it generates can be distributed.

Add moisture to the air with a humidifier. Moist air will hold heat better and can make an area feel warmer, allowing you to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature and use less energy! Winter air can be very dry, so using a humidifier will put moisture back into the air, making your home more comfortable.

Use LED holiday lighting. LED lights can save you money, using 75% less energy than traditional holiday lighting. The Macy’s Light Show in the Wanamaker Building and the houses on Boat House Row use them – you should too! These energy-efficient bulbs also last 25% longer and don’t emit as much heat as traditional bulbs, making them a safer option for families with young children and pets. Remember to unplug your lights when they aren’t in use – leaving them plugged in can waste energy, even if the lights are off.

If you’re using an artificial tree, opt for a fiber-optic one. Electric lighting on synthetic materials is often a bad mix and can lead to an electrical fire. To avoid problems, purchase a fiber-optic tree to light up your family or living room. They’re also more energy-efficient!

Whether you’re an energy-conscious Philly consumer or just want to cut back on your energy bill this winter, these tips will do both!

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