Philly Happening is proud to announce the inaugural list of  top 10 Philadelphia Movers & Shakers of 2016!

Philadelphia’s Movers &  Shakers were nominated by readers and selected by Philly Happening and its Publishers at Happenings Media.

Over the course of the month, we will be shining a spotlight on each one of the amazing people who made the list. 

Last week, we spotlighted Javier Suarez, Advisory Board Member at PHLDiversity, the Multicultural Division of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The next mover and shaker we’d like to honor is Ashley George, Leasing Manager at How Properties in Chestnut Hill. George enjoys meeting new people every day and helping them find amazing homes.

George gave us some insight into her busy life as a Philadelphia mover and shaker:

PH:  What town do you live in?

AG:  Manayunk


PH: Where did you attend school?

AG: I attended Archbishop John Carroll High School, in Radnor and received my undergraduate degree from the University of Scranton.


PH:  What motivates you every morning? 

AG: My daily motivation really comes from my family and the passion I have for my profession.  I am fortunate enough to have a career that allows me to meet and work with new people on a daily basis.  The satisfaction I receive from helping people find amazing new homes makes it even easier to get excited about each new day. I am also fortunate for the opportunity to meet and work with new people on a daily basis.

PH:  What would you say is your idea of a perfect day?

AG: I love the South Jersey Shore and have spent most of my summers in Sea Isle City, since childhood.  My ideal day would be hanging out/relaxing with friends and family on the beach.  Just quality time with the people I love, a good book and disconnecting from outside distractions.


PH: Who inspires you?

AG: I’m inspired by positive driven people.  People who have a passion for life, helping others and a love for traveling!  Luckily, I work with a phenomenal team at How Properties, with many who possess those qualities, and are inspired by similar traits.


PH:  How did you decide to go into your profession?

AG: My family has been involved with real estate since I was a child. They purchased their first investment property when I was 5 years old, and through their experiences they taught me value of hard work and smart investing.  At one time this was new territory for my family but I saw firsthand that their determination and persistence was worth all their time and effort.  They continue to invest in more properties, and I continue to be inspired by them.

While I have spent time learning and working in other industries, with an open mind, my path has always found a way to lead me towards my passion for the real estate industry and property investment.


PH:  Which achievement are you most proud of?

AG: After graduating college, I spent a year in South Korea teaching English as a Second Language. Looking back now, I am shocked and very proud that I was brave and courageous enough to make that commitment and step outside of my comfort zone.  I learned more from their culture then I ever could have expected and I have memories that will last a lifetime.  The experience was incredible and lessons I learned from my students made every step of my adventure worthwhile.


PH:  What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

AG: I believe the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome were during my time spent traveling in foreign countries.  Being so far away from home and the people I love was more difficult than I could have anticipated, but I knew it was just another part of my journey.  Over time I found the confidence and my eagerness always lead me to embrace the opportunities to tackle the new adventures.  By the end of my journey I was overwhelmed by the thought of leaving such an amazing place and experience.


PH:  What is the biggest accomplishment that you’d like to achieve over the next 5 years?

AG: I would love to continue contributing and growing with the How Properties team.  We are doing great things and on such a positive path! My roles have changed over the past years and continuing to lead and support our regional sales team as we develop into a larger leader in the Philadelphia region is a big part of my 5 year goal. I also plan to grow my personal rental property investment portfolio from 2 properties to 5 over the next 5 years. Last but absolutely not least, I am looking forward to traveling with my fiancé to as many new places on our ever growing bucket list and starting a family. Big plans for the next few years!!

PH:  How do you think your friends & coworkers would describe you?

AG: I’d like to think they see me as someone who cares about people, who is passionate about life and work, and takes pride in being a good friend and co-worker.  Also, that I always try to lead by example, have a positive outlook, am supportive nature, and am easy to communicate with. My friends would most likely describe me as pretty corny, always there for them no matter what, and fun to be around!


PH:    Where’s your favorite place to go in Philadelphia?

AG: I’m an explorer by nature so I’m always looking to discover new places and things to do in Philadelphia.  If I had to pick just one area I would say where I live in Manayunk. The walkability and the small town feel along with the proximity to the city makes Manayunk my favorite place in Philadelphia. The growth and many changes each year have been so fun to enjoy and experience as well!


PH: You can take a time machine back to visit yourself 10 years ago. What advice would you give?

AG: Don’t worry about where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Keep taking it all in and learn as much as possible! Anything that happens will pass and you have a lot of exciting opportunities ahead! Be true to yourself.  Live in the moment.  Make the good times last and let the bad time pass.


PH:  Same question 10 years in the future.

AG: All of the same information I would tell myself 5 years ago, plus continue to be confident in your decisions. Keep working hard to achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t work so hard that time passes by too quickly. And be sure to stay focused on the true importance’s in life: the people you love.


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