Evil Genius Beer Company taps a much needed distraction with the debut of another very serious beer with a very silly (and timely) name. The Philadelphia and Fishtown-based brewer announced the debut of a Tiger King inspired pale ale that pays homage to one of the biggest cultural phenomenons sweeping the nation. Felt Cute, Might Feed My Husband to a Tiger Later IDK is a special edition pale ale 4.2% abv. that is available in growlers through carry-out at the Evil Genius Beer Company Lab at 1727 Front Street. Evil Genius is also partnering with Quick Sip beer delivery service to expand access to their beer and seltzer across the city. Quick Sip delivery will mean that to get the new Felt Cute brew you only have to travel from your couch to the front door. For information and hours for Evil Genius, visit: www.evilgeniusbeer.com/ For info about Evil Genius on Quick Sip and to order delivery, visit: www.quicksipdelivery.com (search: Evil Genius).

“Independent breweries, bars, restaurants and small businesses across our city and our nation are facing such tough times right now,” said Evil Genius Partner Trevor Hayward. “So many breweries, like ours, have had to cut staff, make hard decisions and offer take-out only. This time of year we normally would be ready to fly open the gates to our outdoor beer garden and launch several new releases for the spring and summer. The time for those things will come down the road soon enough. While we wait, we wanted to keep our creative juices flowing, do all we can to keep operations intact, keep up with demand, and to serve up a much needed distraction. Our brand-new beer pays homage to The Tiger King. While we don’t know what Carole and Joe Exotic would drink, we know that our new beer pairs perfectly with a night of binge-worthy television.”

The new pale ale roars to life with 4.2% abv. featuring Bravo, Columbus, Cascade, Simcoe and Apollo hops. Felt Cute is available now in Growlers (64 oz – $22.50) at Evil Genius Beer Company’s “Lab” in Fishtown for carryout between the hours of Monday-Sunday, Noon to 8 p.m. Buy three growlers of any kind for a 10% discount.  Other offerings at this time include:

* Barrel Aged Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – 7%

* Magically Delicious
New England Style IPA
7.2% Abv.
* Turtle Power
Grapefruit Pale Ale
6% Abv.
* Now That’s What I Call Hoppy Volume 4
Hazy IPA
7% Abv.
* OK Boomer
Vienna Lager
6.2% Abv.
* That’s Note a Knife, This is a Knife
Hazy IPA
6.2% Abv.
* Wait I Gotta Boomerang This
Hazy IPA
6% Abv.
* Let’s Do That Hockey!
Czech American Pilsner
6.8% Abv.
* There’s No Crying in Baseball
Mango IPA
6%% Abv.
* The Painting Was a Gift, Todd
Light Lager
4.5% Abv.

* You Sound Like You’re From London
Spiced French Ale
7.5% Abv.

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