November 21, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Northeast High School
1601 Cottman Avenue
Pennsylvania 19111
Damsel in Defense


** Must text PARALLY to 29071 to register early and receive your gift at the door!***

Are you a Mom that worries about your daughter’s safety when you are not with her?
Are you a woman that has ever felt vulnerable to an attack?
Maybe you are just a female who wants to learn how to better protect yourself?

Grab your closest females, young and old and become your own hero by attending the Pennsylvania Rally for Her; a unique experience that pairs education and empowerment to teach safety at home and on the go to all women.

Come receive free training from self-defense experts and local officials, free giveaways and invaluable empowerment.

Learn how to…
1. Plan to win and fight to live
2. Identify attackers and potential threats
3. Respond during an active shooter situation
4. Turn paranoia into preparedness with a warrior mindset
5. Champion for your community’s safety

Because HER awareness matters.
Because only she determines HER mindset.
Because she deserves to be able to protect HERself.
Because she is her own hero.
Because you are her.

Register to Rally by texting PARALLY to 29071 and receive our HERo gift at the door.

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