Miss Money Funny: 6 Must-Visit Discount Decorating Destinations

by Alyson M. Komyanek

I’m constantly looking for affordable ways to spice up the rooms in my house. Here are some of the best places to stop for the best decorating bargains:

Home Goods

Before I became a homeowner, I honestly had never heard of Home Goods. But now? We’re practically best friends. There are so many great deals in this place it’s unreal. From décor and window treatments to throws and end tables, the store has it all and for prices that can’t be beat. It’s a discount store…like TJ Maxx or Ross, so selections are sometimes limited, but it’s always worth checking out when you feel the urge to redecorate a room.

  • 1356 Franklin Mills Circle 



Target’s prices in general are fairly reasonable, but when using added deals like the Cartwheel App (if you don’t have it, stop what you’re doing right now and get it. Its free and provides you with the chance to choose additional sales on tons of items. It can be used in addition to other discounts, too), coupons and red card discounts, make it all the more affordable. Target’s selection isn’t as unique as Home Goods or DIYing it, but they have plenty of tems that will add a little improvement to any room.

  • 7400 Bustleton Ave (Cottman Target)
  • 1 Mifflin Street (NE Target)
  • 4000 Monument Drive (Philadelphia West Target)
  • 2701 Castor Ave (Bridesburg Target)


Warning…don’t go to Ikea unless you have 5 hours to get lost in a world of complete and utter fascination. Everything there is awesome. There are lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling and boxes that fit inside of other boxes and waste baskets of all sizes and tables that would fit in even the tiniest of rooms and, well, it’s just mesmerizing, and cheap. The downfall here? The assembly. You’re supposed to follow the guy in the pictures…but that can be harder than it sounds. They’re delivery and shipping costs are also astronomical. I suggest in store shopping only.

  • 2206 S Christopher Columbus Blvd


I’ve written about their coupon deals and amazing return policy before, but their inventory of home goods may be even more awesome. They have a vast selection to choose from at (usually) really ridiculously cheap prices. They offer a lot of sales and coupons too, so make sure you come prepared with your coupons and Kohl’s cash.

  • 8500 Henry Ave
  • 2325 Street Rd. Bensalem, PA

JC Penny

I recently purchased new window treatments for my entire living room for only $40. I shipped the items to the store at no cost, and they arrived earlier than expected, were easy to install and are of good quality. Check them out next time you’re in need of curtains, blinds or shades.

  • 1754 Franklin Mills Circle

Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and oh yea, Flea Markets too.

While the piece may not be in perfect condition, you can buy it at a really great price and fix it up later, for a lot less than you would spend any place else. The downfall is that there is no guarantees they’ll have what you’re looking for and they’ll probably only have one, but it never hurts to check their before heading to any of the other stores I mentioned.


Happy decorating!

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