The founders of Zyn Beauty- Zakiya Black and Nirvana Dove

The founders of Zyn Beauty- Zakiya Black & Nirvana Dove

Modern women are masterful multi-taskers, often juggling the responsibilities of careers, family, & education, while working to maintain friendships and vibrant social circles.

Short on time, however, a woman’s beauty regiment often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, and their confidence can suffer as a result.  As attorneys, Zakiya Black and Nirvana Dove know firsthand how much that hectic schedule can cut into trips to the beauty salon. It was that frustration that ultimately led them to their big idea- what if you could minimize the obstacles that stand in the way of busy women looking and feeling their best everyday?

Zyn Beauty was born, rooted in the philosophy that Beauty should be a lifestyle, not a luxury!

Zyn Beauty is a new beauty concept created around a very simple idea: offering essential beauty services to busy women, at affordable prices and delivered in their homes, offices, hotels, or other convenient locations of their choice. Whether it’s boosting confidence at work, feeling comfortable in a new relationship, or taking a bit of time for yourself as a busy mom, Zyn Beauty gives women the tools to feel beautiful everyday.

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“With a fresh hairstyle or perfect makeup, we all stand a little taller, smile a little brighter and walk with a bit more pep in our step, and every woman deserves that!”
 Zakiya Black and Nirvana Dove of Zyn Beauty

The evidence is in the numbers. According to a survey done by Today & AOL, 78% of women spend time on their beauty regimen to “feel better about themselves.”

Zakiya and Nirvana first met in college, bonding over a mutual affinity for fabulous hair. While there, both ladies joined the same sorority and often shared tips on how to look fabulous on limited time and means. After attending law school, Zakiya and Nirvana ended up working together as young associates at a Philadelphia law firm. Demanding hours at work often led to canceled beauty appointments, leaving the women often less-than-confident when it came to their appearance in the boardroom.

At home beauty services from Zyn Beauty

At home beauty services from Zyn Beauty

Never ones to wait for others to solve their problems, Zakiya and Nirvana decided to create a new service brand that would allow women to be in a better position to balance their busy schedules and their regular beauty needs. As avid consumers and clients in the beauty industry themselves, they knew that other women were facing similar challenges.

In recent years, the beauty industry has started to respond to customer demands with a new crop of convenience-focused businesses- from mail-order dresses at Rent the Runway to monthly Beauty Box subscriptions. But salon appointments have remained a challenge.

f2017593-8af2-4fd0-8b5c-a67e4e25fc1cWhile the idea of premium at-home salon services may seem like a luxury that won’t fit into your budget, Zyn Beauty is working to change that perception. Zyn Beauty blow outs are $65, comparable to other top salons in the area, minus the cost of driving and parking. All prices include travel within a 10 mile radius of City Hall.  Clients outside the neighborhood can still access Zyn Beauty services with an additional gas/mileage fee (approx. $.56 per mile, or current government rate).

Customers receive the undivided attention of a top stylist while having access to all of the comforts of home- your comfy yoga pants, a glass of wine, or the latest episode of your favorite show.

At home beauty services from Zyn Beauty

At home beauty services from Zyn Beauty

And you won’t have to worry about missing out on those salon perks that you love! Zyn Beauty uses only the best salon quality hair products like Shea Moisture Professional Moisture Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner and Smooth Finish Blow Dry Cream, as well as top quality make up.  The stylist arrives ready with all of the tools needed for a flawless and fun experience.

And when it comes to your special occasions, the Zyn Beauty team will be on hand to help, offering services for photo and video shoots, fashion shows, weddings, and pamper parties.

In line with their convenience-first focus, it’s easy to make an appoint with Zyn Beauty on their website. Clients will receive a confirmation e-mail and the stylist will be on their way! 

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