unnamed (9)What if someone told you that for only $5 you could make a huge impact on the world? It sounds crazy, right? You don’t get much for $5 these days – I mean, it barely gets you a decent cup of coffee. Yet, somehow millions of dollars have been raised and millions of lives have been changed with $1, $5 and $10 donations.

Too often we think about giving back in terms of making a big donation at the end of the year and overlook the power of the “micro-donation.”  Those small donations can really add up, which is why we’re sharing five incredible ways– right here in Philly – that can change someone’s life with a simple $5 donation!

1. Philabundance ($5 = 10 meals)
For the past 30 years Philabundance has been providing non-perishable food items, meats, and fresh produce to those in need in the Delaware Valley. They know how to stretch a donation too – every $5 donated to Philabundance provides 10 meals to those in need! Their service is especially important during these winter months when families must sometimes choose between heating their home and putting food on the table. To make a donation now or get information on how to host a food drive, visit www.philabundance.org.

2. PathWays PA  ($5 = 1 full size shampoo + 1 full size conditioner)
The mission of PathWays PA is to help women, teens, children, and families achieve economic independence and family well-being. Each year over 6,000 women, children, and families benefit from their full complement of social services – including job training, employment assistance, and residential programs as they move along the path to self-sufficiency. This organization is always in need of full size toiletry items like shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, and baby wipes – many of which can be purchased for $5! To learn more or to make a donation, visit www.pathwayspa.org.

3. Career Wardrobe  ($5 = 1 interview outfit + educational workshops)
Career Wardrobe is the nation’s largest independent, community-based nonprofit organization serving women transitioning into the workforce by providing professional attire and educational training. Since 1995, Career Wardrobe has assisted nearly 80,000 women by inspiring the confidence necessary to achieve independence. With a $5 donation, you can provide one woman with an interview outfit and access to educational career workshops through their Open Access Initiative. To learn more or to make a donation, visit www.careerwardrobe.org.

4. Little Smiles Foundation  ($5 = 1 coloring book + 1 pack of crayons)
The Little Smiles Foundation strives to help kids in local hospitals, hospices, shelters, and other facilities escape their unfortunate circumstances – even if only for a short period of time. From toys to electronics, special event tickets and VIP outings – when a child makes a request, Little Smiles does their best to make it happen. They also organize Snack Food Runs, monthly movie night parties, themed holiday events, and pizza parties. By making a $5 donation you can not only provide a child with a brand new coloring book and pack of crayons, but put a huge smile on their face! To learn more or to make a donation, visit Little Smiles Greater Philadelphia Area.

5. Covenant House  ($5 = 1 roundtrip SEPTA ride)
Covenant House was founded in 1972 with the simple, profound mission of helping homeless kids escape the streets. Today, they are the largest privately funded charity in the Americas providing loving care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth. Through their core programs they provide a wide array of in-house training programs, including healthcare, educational support, GED preparation, job readiness and skills training, drug abuse treatment and prevention, legal services, mental health services, life skills training, and more! A $5 donation can provide residents with one roundtrip SEPTA fare, a bagged lunch, or a hat and a pair of gloves (especially needed items during the winter months!). To learn more or to make a donation, visit www.covenanthouse.org.

Original article by Katie Everett, Founder of Philly Gives – an organization aimed at maximizing positive community impact in Philadelphia by fostering collaboration and generating increased awareness, support and involvement in local charitable efforts. You can connect with Philly Gives by liking them on Facebook, following them on Twitter or e-mailing them at hello@phillygivesmore.com.  

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