Restaurant week in Philadelphia happens twice a year, and thank goodness for that!  Philly is filled with amazing chefs, BYOB’s galore, and of course food lovers so we all look forward to restaurant week which runs January 22-27 and January 29-February 3.   You can visit any participating restaurant for a 3-course dinner for $35 and some restaurants also offer a 3-course lunch for only $20.  Get hungry Philly!

1.  Try New Restaurants You Would Otherwise Skip

Restaurant week is the perfect opportunity to try an eatery that you might otherwise skip, perhaps because of price or maybe it’s a type of food you’ve never tried but you are too afraid to spend your paycheck on something you might not love.  Since every participating restaurant offers 3-courses for only $35 it’s the perfect time to try those fancy-pants dining establishments you might pass every day but never bother to go inside.

2. Try New Foods You’ve Never Had Before

If you are a ‘foodie’ chances are you already have your restaurant week meals planned for this month but if not, this is a great time to eat out of the box!  The prices for some of Philly’s best restaurants are so low thanks to this deal it’s time to order that menu item that looks so good but you are never quite sure about.  Don’t be the order the same thing on the menu each time person, it’s time to explore!

3. Experience New Parts of the Area

Even if you work or live in the city it can be easy to have a routine that takes you to the same old parts of town each day.  Restaurant week is a great opportunity to find a place in a part of town that is unfamiliar to you.  You never know who you might meet or what you might experience!

4. Find Your “Place”

New experiences are great, especially when it comes to food, but there is something to be said about having your “Cheers” you know, where everybody knows your name?  Your place is a bar/restaurant that is easy to get to, the prices work for your budget, the waitstaff get to know you, and you know there will always be some thing you love on the menu.  It’s a place you can’t wait to bring friends or family that are visiting from out of town. Restaurant week includes loads of Philly’s greatest places to eat and drink so the chances of you finding your “place” are pretty high!


Bon appetite Philly!

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