valentine dateValentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday to celebrate by dining out. Restaurants expect to welcome over 70 million diners across the country who are looking for a romantic and pleasurable dining experience with their Valentine and we have industry insider tips to help you have the most happening Valentine’s Day possible. Ritchie Furino, regional manager of Happening List nominee, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House suggests these three simple tips for making your holiday celebration lovely:

1. When to dine? Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, which leaves some couples confused about when to celebrate. Richie reveals that most of his reservations for Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse are falling on the day (Thursday the 14th) or that Saturday (the 16th). He says this is right on trend with the holiday and suggests most couples will experience a less hectic night by going out on the Friday or Sunday of Valentine’s Weekend. Most restaurants will carry specials through that time, as well.

2. Stay In. Many restaurants offer the option to do take out; So skip the restaurants and avoid the stress of cooking by picking up a decadent meal for two. Open some wine without the whacky marked up prices and enjoy a private dining experience at home in a much more, ahem, convenient adjacency to where you’ll want to end the night.

3. Call a Cab. It’s no secret that parking in the city is a nightmare to begin with, multiply that times infinity on Valentine’s Day. So call a cab or even book a car or limo to make the evening that much more special. You won’t regret it when you see the dozens of “valet parkers” (most of which Richie claims show up for this one night only ) or when it’s time to pop that second bottle of bubbly.

dining statistics for valentines day

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