Keep Your Skin Flawless, Beautiful & Tan This Summer

 With summer in full swing men and women alike are working to get as tan as possible. We’re all conditioned to believe that the tanner we are the healthier and beautiful we’ll look, but have you ever stopped to consider the risk you are taking?

Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis, as well as the most preventable. The damaging effects of the sun and oh so popular tanning beds, are often an afterthought to most.

So, before you grab your towel and oil up this summer, check out these summer skin care tips brought to you by Skin Palette.

1. Protect Yourself– with today’s strong UVA/ UVB rays it is vital to apply sunscreen to any exposed area of your skin when outdoors. Make sure you choose a sunscreen that protects from both harmful UVA and UVB rays and a minimum of 15 SPF. Reapply throughout the day if you remain outdoors, especially if you are enjoying water sports or sweating.

2. Head Gear– Don’t forget to protect your face and scalp. Wear a hat to protect your scalp or apply sunscreen to the scalp, many manufacturers now make spray on sunscreen to make this easier to do. Heck, kill two birds with one stone and choose a hat with a visor or wide brim to cover your face and ears too.

3. Hydrate More– Remember to hydrate your body as much as possible, drinking water is always best for hydration and will leave your skin looking and feeling it’s best. It’s also important to moisturize, choose a light full body lotion during summer months instead of heavy body butters which are best for winter months. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and the most visible, so take good care of it.

4. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub– Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to keep it felling soft and beautiful looking. Sloughing away dead, dry skin cells with also help your skin absorb sunscreen and sunless tanning products properly. Choose your favorite exfoliater, such as a luffa, shower glove, natural sponge, or exfoliating bar soap.

5. Fool them All– To achieve beautifully tan skin the healthy way, try a sunless tanning product such as an airbrushed tan at Skin Palette. Enjoy custom created skin tones, personal service and an amazing tan without all the damaging effects to your skin. You can event get custom colors applied to your skin to support your favorite sports teams, perfect a costume or walk on the wild side.

Photo Credit: Jack Ramsdale

[box] Skin Palette is dedicated to providing healthy solutions to make you look and feel great year-round. Perfect for brides, pregnant women, athletes, models, and anyone else who wants flawless skin. Stop in for an airbrush tan, hydration treatment or other personalized service. Skin Palette is the official airbrush tan of the Philadelphia Soul Mates and voted InStyle Magazine’s 2011 Best Sunless Tan in Philadelphia.[/box]




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