Franklin Institute DISCOVERY Camp

222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Each day of Discovery Camp includes hands-on science activities, a snack, and break for lunch, outdoor play (weather permitting) and museum exploration. Depending on the sessions, campers may also have the opportunity to take field trips, hear from invited guest speakers, see theater shows and educational films, and take part in large-scale, camp wide projects.
Campers will receive a Discovery Camp t-shirt, drinks provided by Coca-Cola, a daily snack, weekly camp newsletter, and all activity supplies.

[box] General Information: [email protected]  | Phone: 215.448.1200[/box]

One Week Sessions

Deconstruct It! : June 18 – June 22

Put it together, take it apart. We give you permission to take apart toys, machines and tools—even check out the inside of a real eyeball! Find out why “the small stuff” is important to figuring out how things work, then think like engineers to build new things to make our world a better place.

Space is the Place: June 25 – June 29

Let’s get out of this world and discover why “space is the place” in this fun week of stellar exploration. From the Fels planetarium to the Joel N. Bloom Observatory, join us for a journey around our amazing universe as we find out what’s out there, and why it’s important to us Earthlings!

Kitchen Science: August 13 – August 17

Did you ever wonder why bread rises or how smell affects the way things taste? Can you pick up juice with your fingers, make ice cream in an instant or invent a new type of cheese? During this tasty session we will play with our food and learn the science that happens in your kitchen every day.

Catch a Wave: August 20 – August 24

What do sound, light, wind, oceans, gravity, electromagnets, and your brain have in common? Waves! Jump, jive, and surge your way through the ups and downs of summer as we experiment with how waves work and why they are so important!

Eww, That’s Gross!: August 27 – August 31

Whether it’s inside the human body, under the soil, or deep down in a storm drain, there is some pretty gross stuff going on all around us every day! Find out why these are some of the best places to look for science in action. Through scientific investigations, we will turn your “Eeew’s” into “Aha’s!”

Discovery Camp is out of this world!


Two Week Sessions

Medieval Science: July 2 – July 13 (no camp 7/4)

The Franklin Institute goes medieval on science in this two-part session. From stained glass to trebuchets, jousting to jesters, draw bridges to dragons—people during medieval times were doing and discovering some very interesting science! Join the fun as we go back in time to re-create some fantastic experiments that still inform science today. Field trip fee: $15 

Weather Wonders: July 16 – July 27

In partnership with CBS3, Discovery Camp explorers will discover the power and beauty of weather, and how we can use science to predict what’s coming next. Create a tornado, build a storm, meet a real meteorologist, and take a trip to CBS 3’s weather headquarters! Field trip fee: $15

Creature Feature and Cool Creations: July 30 – August 10

For all of Earth’s creatures, survival is about adaptation. Find out what it takes to survive on our wild planet as we look at strange creatures and creepy critters, and make some cool creations of our own. We’ll even investigate the connection between superheroes and real animal heroes! Field trip fee: $15 

[box] Camp Highlights

 -1:7 counselor to camper ratio

-Field Trips and partnership with Valley Forge National Park

-Pre-K to Grade 8 focused

 -Sibling Discounts [/box]

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