Winter 2016 has arrived in full-force and Philadelphia’s first major snowstorm of the season is on it’s way. While the snow certainly makes for stunning scenic photographs around the city, the combination of freezing temperatures, high winds, and wet snow can wreak havoc on your beauty routine.

It’s snowing on one of the prettiest streets in #Philadelphia.

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Here are five hair tips to ensure your snow-day selfies look as beautiful as the surrounding landscape!

  • Being inside a heated room is like putting your hair under a hairdryer all day. Dry heat + cold air = brittle hair! Shea Butter and deep conditioning treatments can help protect your hair by locking in the moisture. Take it a step further by adding a humidifier to your home.
  • Goodbye static! Avoid looking like a science experiment gone bad. Carry a few sheets of dryer sheets and gently rub the sheets over your tresses to eliminate the static and stay smooth.
  • Don’t hit the snooze button! Leave yourself time to blow dry your hair in the morning. Besides leading to a cold head, wet hair can cause freeze on cold days leading to split and broken strands. 
  • Wear a hat or hood to protect your strands, but add in a rich leave-in conditioner to avoid fly away strands when you remove your cap.
  • White flakes falling from the sky? Beautiful! White flakes falling from your dry scalp? Gross! Don’t allow your exposure to dry heat lead to dandruff  or dry scalp.

Happy snow day, Philadelphia!



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