Explore Philly for Free


We often neglect the abundance of attractions and adventures that are closest to our homes. Easily forgetting what terrific attractions re right here in our own backyards, we compiled a list of FREE attractions and adventures right here in Philadelphia.

Don’t let all the tourists have all the fun this summer, get out and explore your city and save all that cash for a cheese steak.



#1 Reading Terminal Market

The city’s most historic farmers market is open daily, home to amazingly fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods and atmosphere. Explore this indoor market housing over 80 merchants and savor the flavors of local foods. You can also pay with Level Up at most merchant counters, collecting credits along the way for free goods.


#2 Edgar Allan Poe National Historical Site

Step into the only surviving residence of the famous writer/poet Edgar Allan Poe, and see the very space he sat and wrote legendary tales such as “The Black Cat”. The residences cellar greatly resembles the one described in that story and the large raven statue out front will bring back memories of reading “The Raven” in school.

#3 Comcast Video Wall

Enter the Comcast Center lobby and enjoy this spectacular 83 by 25 foot television screen, playing vivid pictures across the wall for all to see. The Comcast Center is located at 1701 Arch Street, next to popular restaurant Table 31.

#4 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

This moving experience is beyond words.The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located in Washington Square which was used as a burial site beginning in 1706 for nine decades, later the the site where this memorial was erected in 1954. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier itself bears the words: “Beneath this stone rests a soldier of Washington’s army who died to give you liberty.”

#5 South Street

Possibly one of the most well known streets in Center City, or Philadelphia for that matter, South Street offers a variety of dining options, shops, art and unique merchants. Take a stroll along this welcoming street for an afternoon of fun, surprises and some of Philadelphia’s best everything.

#6 City Hall

Philadelphia’s City Hall is home to the largest statue on top of a building in the world, the well known 27 ton statue of William Penn. This 548 foot tower is open for regular tours, call 215-686-2840 for times and information. Tower tours are subject to a small fee, but visiting City Hall and enjoying the rich history and architecture is always free.

#7 The Galleries at Moore

Open to the public and free of charge, The Galleries at Moore present a diverse range of innovative exhibitions, educational programs and publications that offer insights into the work of established and emerging regional, national and international artists and designers.