Philly Happening was busy this weekend! We hit up some great eateries, attractions, and experienced all the beautiful sights and sounds of the city in weather that ranged from  sunshine to wind, to clouds and rain, and temperatures lingering in the 50s. It might not feel like May just yet, but there’s still so much to do and see! Check out what we were up over the weekend.


unnamed (13)

Brunch at Day By Day, 2101 Sansom St.  French toast with cream and berries!

(Bacon, not pictured, was a-mazing!)


unnamedCity hall looked as regal and stately as ever in the warm-glow of the Saturday afternoon sun.


unnamed (1) unnamed (2)Only in Philly??  A Jesus impersonator in Dilworth Park? We aren’t sure what was going on here, but we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


unnamed (4)Perfect day for the Spruce Street Harbor Park!!  Awesome day for basking on a hammock over the water!

unnamed (5)Dinner drinks at Urban Saloon, 2120 Fairmount Ave. This drink is a cucumber, lime, basil and gin concoction called “The Summer of George,” one of the new Seinfeld-themed drinks on the menu.

unnamed (6)Is a caption really necessary? A warm, gooey cookie topped with ice cream is sheer perfection. Thumbs up to Urban Saloon for this delicious end to our Saturday evening!


unnamed (7)The city sparkles as Saturday evening came to a glorious end.


unnamed (8)

Hello Sunday! Sunny skies greeted us on a stroll to University City.


unnamed (9)Congratulations to the 2016 Wharton School of Business MBA students! Held at The Palestra on the UPenn Campus, the MBA graduation was one of the last of the graduations taking place at universities throughout the city this weekend. Congratulations to all the graduates!

unnamed (11)

Strolling back into Center City from University City. The clouds started moving in and temperatures dropped. The Center City buildings seemed to gleam against the gloomy backdrop!

unnamed (12)

The Sunday-evening sky had a lovely champagne-pink glow. Farewell to another memorable weekend in the City of Brotherly Love!

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