pennsylvania1The Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority’s Expansion Art Acquisition Project, a 60-day “Open Call” competition to acquire more than $1.2 million in original works by Pennsylvania-based artists, asks for submissions by March 2, 2015.

The project started in March 2011 when the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority expanded its building by 62 percent, making it the 14th largest facility in the nation with the largest ballroom in the Northeast. The budget for the Expansion project included funding to enhance and extend the facility’s Fine Arts collection into the new space. More than $1.2 million was approved by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be spent on a Fine Arts Program that includes the selection, the procurement, and the installation of artwork within the expanded area.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority has partnered with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts – a state agency that fosters an appreciation of the arts – to administer the Center’s 60-day “Open Call” competition for artwork via online submissions through “Slideroom.”

Not only has a partnership been formed, but there has been an all-volunteer Expansion Art Committee – comprised of prominent arts community members throughout the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – formed to assist with the artwork acquisitions. A separate jury of art experts, pulled from across Pennsylvania as well, will complete the initial review of all artist submissions and make recommendations to the Expansion Art Committee for purchases and commissioned works. The jurors will remain anonymous until all selections have been finalized.

Once the art is chosen it will be housed in a unique environment – the publicly used spaces at the Convention Center. Some considerations to be mindful of when choosing which piece(s) of artwork to submit for review include: limited climate control, potential low humidity levels in the winter, and exposure to direct or indirect sunlight.

To qualify, artists must have their primary residence in Pennsylvania at the time their work is purchased or commissioned. Applications may be submitted individually or in collaboration with other artists. Only electronic applications submitted through Slideroom will be accepted. Late submissions will not be considered.

Artwork must be of a scale, quality, and durability deemed by the Expansion Art Committee to be appropriate and able to withstand long-term exhibition in the Convention Center. Artwork does not need to be of scenery nor of landscape locations in Pennsylvania. Artwork of any media will be considered, including, but not limited to: paintings, drawings, photography, printmaking, sculpture, furniture, and time-based work including video. Performance based works are not eligible for this project. All artwork will be installed inside the Convention Center.

For Open Call rules and regulations and information on how to submit an application, click here.

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