No matter how you slice it, the City of Brotherly Love has no shortage of excellent pizza options!  Here are 5 of our top picks.

1.) Pizzeria Vetri, 1939 Callowhill Street:

Web site: pizzeriavetri.com

Inside this bustling, industrial-style space, fresh Neapolitan pizza from the custom built-oven is served with a wide variety of beer, wine, and cocktails. Oh, and the Nutella pizza is a must-have for dessert!

2.) Pizza Brain, 2313 Frankford Ave.: 

Web site: www.pizzabrain.org

Billed as the world’s first pizza museum and restaurant, Pizza Brain is home to the largest collection of pizza memorabilia, according to the Guinness World Records. This vegan-friendly establishment is B.Y.O.

3.) Nomad 7th Street, 611 S. 7th St.,; Nomad Roman, 1305 Locust:

Web site: nomadpizzaco.com

As described on its Web site, Nomad pizza is “brown, bubbly, crusty pizza that is soft and chewy in the middle.” Made with the fresh ingredients of tomato sauce, basil, and buffalo mozzarella, this wood-fired Neapolitan pizza is a Philly classic.

4.) Pizzeria Stella, 2nd & Lombard:

Web site: http://www.pizzeriastella.net/

Pizzeria Stella serves wood-fired pizza with gourmet toppings, such as black truffle. Known for its gelato, made with a secret-family recipe, Pizzeria Stella also has a quaint bar with plenty of cold drinks on tap.

5.) Zavino, 112 S. 13th; 3200 Chestnut:

Web site: http://zavino.com/zavino-13th/

Gourmet Neapolitan pizzas paired with a variety of delectable small plates and a cozy wine bar makes this Italian eatery a go-to spot for pizza lovers.

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