hoardingSeymour, a Vietnam veteran and retired orthopedic surgeon, who said surgery was his passion, is now living in utter filth and infestation. A once reputable, local professional, and very intelligent man is suffering from the condition of hoarding, living among what he calls a “graveyard of junk”. In the show’s history, Seymour’s home had the worst roach infestation seen. The infestation is so bad and the hoarding so extensive that if Seymour and TLC’s team of professionals don’t beat it the City of Philadelphia will condemn Seymour’s home of 13 years leaving him homeless. Seymour’s cockroach problem is so extensive and so grotesque it follows him wherever he goes, leaving the critters behind at supermarkets, flea markets and the dollar store. It’s not unusual to see them crawling in and out of his clothes at restaurants, or in the seats of cars in his wake. In short, the roaches have taken over, ruining Seymour’s life and threatening his health.

roach infestationWatch Seymour’s story this Wednesday, March 19th at 9:00 pm on TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive, as his loved ones and a team of professionals attempt to save him and his home. After having the opportunity to watch this episode in advance we can say that this is one story, one episode, you will not want to miss.


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