Figuring out what to buy your grandparents can be the toughest task during the holiday. If you have a grand mom like I do, she has more clothes than she can wear (many with tags on them still), all the knick-knacks one could hope for, complete collections of her favorite collectibles, and more food in her cupboards than she can possibly eat. So what do I buy her for Christmas???

Of course I always start by asking if there is anything she wants or needs, of course the answer is always “save you money” or something along the lines of “I could use a new flashlight”. Exciting stuff. As I sit and ponder what I can possible get that would be useful for dear ol’ Grammy I am left these top five options.

1. Lottery Tickets – Who doesn’t love a few good scratch offs? Seriously, its a present and a prize all in one. Find a creative way to present a variety of different instant win games and you’ll have granny guessing what in the world could be wrapped up in a tissue box or photo album. Of course if you get her a few winners the gift is even greater.

2. Warm Feet – No one likes to have cold feet, especially old people. Pick up a pair of nice woolen moccasins, scuffs or ballet slippers. I’ve learned that soft soled slippies are preferred, since they will be worn indoors 99.9% of their lifetime.

3. Family Photos – Invest in a gift that won’t perish, expire, or go unused. Family portraits are appreciated and treasured by grandparents, and make great gifts for other family members too. Hire a local photographer and do a photo shoot at a local park, favorite family hang out, or family home. Ask siblings, cousins and other family members to join in and make it a group gift. With multiple people chipping in you can get a large professional print made, framed and matted for a very reasonable price.

4. Take Them Out – Most grandparents spend much of their days indoors, watching daytime television (which isn’t good for anyone), running to the grocery story (buying more food they won’t eat), or sleeping. Plan an activity you grandparent(s) will enjoy and make a day of it. There are lots of great museums in Philadelphia, flower/home shows at the Expo center, theatre shows, sporting events and much, much more! I recommend the Titanic exhibit at the Franklin Institute as one option, then choose a new restaurant to fit your grandma or grandpa’s taste and waa-laa, the perfect holiday gift – time together.

5. Flowers and Edibles – Last but not least, treat them to their favorite things. Even if chocolate and booze are limited areas of their diet, a bite of their favorite treat will be appreciated. Pick up a personalized or themed chocolate piece, beautiful floral arrangement, or seasonal wine. Whatever they enjoy, be sure to see that they get a few of their favorite things this Christmas.

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