They say that no one writes letters anymore, but Davy knows that’s not true.

FOUND, a new musical comedy by Philadelphia Theatre Company, centers around main character, Davy, who becomes obsessed with collecting and sharing the surprising, hilarious, and irrelevant notes and letters that surround us every day, everywhere we go, after he discovers am absurd funny note meant for someone else on the windshield of his car.

Inspired by Davy Rothbart’s popular FOUND Magazine, this original musical comedy is a raucous exploration of human connection, friendship, and the beautiful weirdness in all of us.

Entertainment Weekly called FOUND “Witty, laugh- out- loud funny,” and the New York Post called it the “best date night show of the season!”

We agree, as we considered it one of the funniest and most enjoyable shows that we’ve seen on stage. Here are 5 of our top reasons to see this awesome production before it closes its curtains on Sunday, December 11.




1.) The plot is something we can all relate to.

How many times have we found a crumpled up note in the library or on the floor at school? How many times have we seen a crazy flyer tacked up on a telephone poll or the community board at the local Whole Foods?   FOUND explores and celebrates the idea of the written note, which is so often lost in today’s text message society, and its ability to draw people together—or tear them apart.


2.) The characters are like us.

Davy and his roommates, Mikey D. and Denise, are just trying to get by to pay the rent. When the idea of publishing the array of absurd and hilarious randomly found notes ignites their passion, it’s amazing to see how a small idea can transform into something bigger than themselves. Most people can remember a time when they too were struggling to meet the status quo and when they had a great inspiration that brought them out of the darkness and into the light.


3.) The singing will blow your mind.

Just wait until you hear Mikey D.’s solo toward the end of the show. That’s all we’re saying!


4.) It’s hilarious in ways that you won’t expect.


The bizarre notes that Davy and his friends find are segues into crazy quirky musical numbers that will make you laugh and cry. Just wait until you see the number about the Johnny Tremain play. That in itself is worth the ticket!


5.) It’s hip, fresh, fun, and reminds you to STAY WEIRD.

This play will remind you all over again how incredible and cathartic theatre can be. Plus, it will remind you to stay true to yourself, your inspirations, and your friends, no matter what. FOUND’s overarching sentiment to “stay weird,” is something that will stay with you long after the confetti of the final scene.


FOUND is now showing at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre, 480 South Broad Street. FOUND is showing until Sunday, December 11. Visit http://philadelphiatheatrecompany.org/shows/found/  for information about tickets and show times.

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