This November visitors and residents alike will be able to experience the best view of Philadelphia thanks to the new One Liberty Observation Deck.

Those visiting the new observation deck will climb 883 feet up, via a state-of-the-art elevator, to an enclosed deck to get a top-down look at iconic sights like City Hall, the Ben Franklin Parkway, the Ben Franklin Bridge, the stadium complex, University City, and the rest of the city.

The new vantage point will be more than just a view, it will be a total Brotherly Love experience. Upon arrival to the ground floor of One Liberty Observation Deck, visitors will spend some time learning about the city’s proud history and place in Americana, as well as take in images inspired by the nationally recognized Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, including the floor-to-ceiling sized Wyeth-esque mural by Gregory Manchess. They will then follow a kite string, belonging to someone many of us will recognize, to the 57th floor.

Once visitors are on the 57th floor they can get a closer look at key landmarks with the observation deck’s iPhilly Zoomfinder technology, which will offer them a closer, high-definition look at noteworthy sites around the region.

Admission is pretty reasonable too. Prices are listed below.

Regular Adult: $19
Fast Pass Adult: $38
Regular Youth (3-11 years-old): $14
Fast Pass Youth (3-11 years-old): $28
Sun & Stars Adult (2 visits in 48 hours): $26.00
Sun & Stars Youth (3-11 years-old): $20.00

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