Soul Sessions: The Extravaganza

October 15, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Venice Island Performing Arts Theater
7 Lock St
Philadelphia, PA 19127
Sarah Moore

Do you long to feel so free in your own skin that you can let loose, and be fully yourself? Are you longing for a deeper connection to your mission, in your marriage, and in your relationships? Are you holding back when what you really want is to have a bigger impact?

Soul Sessions: The Extravaganza is a day dedicated to desire. It’s the greatest untapped resource we have as women to love, lead and create with more clarity.

Desire is our birthright. It’s what stirs in our soul. It’s what makes us feel most alive. It’s the catalyst for connection, creativity & success.

Desire is a subject that most people aren’t talking about when it comes to loving, leading and creating at a bigger level.

Desire is what is trying to guide our lives, moment by moment, if we’ll just allow it to take center stage.

If we are to be reunited with our power and experience the connection, impact and magnetism we crave, we must allow desire a prominent seat at the table.

At The Extravaganza, I will show you what desire feels like in your body, how to access it, how to cherish it, where to find it when you’ve lost it, and its’ jaw-dropping power. I will also weave in some important teachings on worthiness, resistance and vulnerability because desire does not live alone and I want to honor your beautiful complexities.

I want you to use your voice confidently in any given moment, to dance and sing freely, to feel courageous and liberated in your spirit, to have a purpose that feels powerful, and to feel deliciously, giggly around your spouse.

At the Extravaganza You Will Learn:
– My signature Desire Formula so you love, lead and create with more clarity
– Your exact superskills (the most confidence inducing exercise I teach and have done)
– To embrace and awaken your sensuality
– To fall more deeply in love with your partner
– To prioritize beauty and pleasure

Join me and other incredible women for a fabulous day. Purchase your ticket (currently $147) and get all the information at:

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