Onion Dances

September 22, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Community Education Center
3500 Lancaster Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Imagine walking through your grandparents’ home, each room filled with vivid memories—your great-grandmother writing a novel, your grandmother riding a motorcycle, your mother believing she lived and died in the Holocaust. Shifting between memory and reality, these musings are gauzy, crisp, Jewish, blurry, and honest.

In this autobiographical solo, Mason explores her Jewish American roots as a descendant of Jews that came to the United States at the time of the Civil War.  Onion Dances attempts to chronologically dissect the artist’s (and the artist’s family’s) past, present, and unknown future.  In Onion Dances, Mason weaves together a world that unveils and reveals vulnerable parts of her identity as a Jewish American millennial; the piece speaks to her upbringing and to the political climate for Jews in America under the Trump administration.

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