DIY treatments should supplement, not replace, regular professional haircare.

The Zyn Beauty experts come to your home to provide you with the tools to feel and look fabulous every day.

In today’s world, DIY is all the rage. From DIY home renovations and repairs to home health and beauty care, people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being their own “expert.” Sometimes a great DIY project will save you money and be a great sense of pride and accomplishment; other times the task requires an expert to get the results you really want.  There is a misnomer that caring for your hair on your own is more natural and healthy, when in fact, you might be causing your hair more damage. DIY treatments should supplement, not replace, regular professional haircare.

“It’s a great trend that people are embracing a more natural approach to their hair with less chemical processing, more organic products, and using YouTube and other tutorials to achieve daily maintenance and styling, but relying exclusively on DIY remedies may wreak havoc on your hair,” says Zakiya Black, co-founder of Zyn Beauty. “You should check in with a professional at least once a month. You still need regular trims and to have a professional assess your hair to make sure that the DIY you’re doing is actually helping your hair and not hurting it.”

This is where the experts at Zyn Beauty can step in.

Zyn Beauty offers essential beauty services at affordable prices to busy women, delivered in their homes, offices, hotels, or other convenient locations of their choice. Whether it’s boosting confidence at work, feeling comfortable in a new relationship, or taking a bit of time for yourself as a busy mom, Zyn Beauty gives women the tools they need to feel beautiful every day.



“First-time customers get an initial consultation with a stylist, before she styles your hair. The stylist will talk with you about your haircare needs, goals, etc.,” says Black. “In addition to the consultation, we offer trims and deep conditioners which are a must for healthy hair. We highly recommend that you don’t trim your own hair. Schedule a trim with a professional every six-eight weeks to promote hair growth. You should also have your hair professionally deep conditioned at least once a month. Our professionals provide you with a deep conditioner that is based on your particular hair type and its needs. If you are not a professional, it may be difficult to assess your hair’s needs on your own and whether the DIY you have selected is addressing those needs.”

Another advantage to using Zyn Beauty is that their professionals use salon-quality products that have been tested and tried on a variety of types of hair.

“Nothing against store products—some of them are really great products, and nothing against what you might be concocting at home, but while those products may be great, they may not be great for you. We send professionals to your door with high-quality products that are tested and tried and true to best care for your hair.” Black says.

Booking with the professionals at Zyn Beauty can also save you a great deal of precious time and energy. The beauty of “Zyn” is that the professionals come to you, which means that you do not have to worry about anything—you can relax in your own home and get other things done (or not!) while you are pampered and made to look fabulous.



Overall, Black’s advice is not to stop treating your hair at home—just be informed, mindful, and remember that DIY does not replace professional hair appointments. At-home care should be used as a supplement to a regular professional hair-maintenance routine.

“If you aren’t an expert, you don’t know how different ingredients found at home can affect your hair, and you’re taking a gamble,” she says. “Book with Zyn to meet some of our professionals who specialize in natural and organic hair and hair care. Your hair and your free time will thank you!”


For more information on Zyn Beauty, visit: http://www.zynbeauty.com/

To book an appointment now, visit: https://booknow.appointment-plus.com/79582kqx/



The Dos and Don’ts of DIY


  • Do your research. If you’re going to follow a DIY recipe or follow tips from a YouTube video, look into the expertise of that source. Are they a cosmetologist? What experience do they have with haircare?
  • Simple is better. If you’re going to do a DIY deep conditioner at home, less is more. It should be three-ingredients or less. If the recipe is simple, it’s easier to figure out which of those ingredients worked well, or didn’t.
  • Simple is better applies to styling your hair, too. Don’t try to do extensions, weaves, or to dye your hair by yourself. If you want to try something by yourself, go for something simple, such as braids or an up-do, so if something goes wrong, it doesn’t completely destroy your hair.
  • Stick with one thing. If a product seems to work, use it consistently for a month, instead of continuing to switch products. You won’t be able to reap the benefits of any product if you don’t use it consistently for a long enough period of time. On the flipside, if you don’t like the way your hair is looking or feeling, you will be able to identify the culprit. Sometimes when you use so many products and switch them up so frequently, it’s hard to identify what is and is not working.


The Zyn Beauty Advantage: Five Great Benefits to Booking with Zyn Beauty


  • Zyn Beauty Cosmetologists are highly-trained and qualified professionals who can assess your hair and design a professional hair-care regimen that is specific to you and will help you look your most beautiful!
  • Zyn Beauty’s professional stylists save you valuable time and energy. Zyn’s stylists come directly to your home, your hotel, or wherever you need them! You can read, do work, or catch up on your TV shows while having your hair done. You can conserve your energy and simply relax while the professionals do their job.
  • Zyn Beauty professionals can provide you with a professional trim every six to eight weeks. Trims are mandatory for healthy hair, especially if you are trying to grow it out. (Do not try to trim your own hair!)
  • Zyn Beauty’s professionals can provide you with a wonderful deep-conditioning once a month to promote luscious, beautiful, healthy hair. Zyn Beauty’s professionals are educated in what conditioning products work best for your specific hair type to help your hair look its very best!
  • Zyn Beauty professionals use top-quality products that contain mostly natural and organic ingredients. The products are hand-selected to meet the specific needs of their clients.



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