Marilyn Monroe Iconic Photos on Display

2018-08-12T22:03:47+00:00 August 2nd, 2018|

Marilyn Monroe “You’re already famous, now you’re going to make me famous,” photographer Lawrence Schiller said to Marilyn Monroe as they discussed the photos he was about to shoot of her in 1962. “Don’t be so cocky,” Marilyn replied, “photographers can be easily replaced.” Several days later, Larry had not been replaced and [...]

Six Reasons to Love Summer in The City

2018-06-01T10:57:42+00:00 June 2nd, 2018|

It's summertime and the livin' is easy. We love Philadelphia all year round, but there is something special about summer in the city: pop-up beer gardens, special events, and unforgettable summer sunsets. Read on to see six reasons we love summers in Philadelphia. 1.) Pop-up Beer Gardens: Every week from April through September 30th Parks [...]

Master Builders Called to Philly for Lego Brick Fest Live

2018-04-13T09:51:48+00:00 April 13th, 2018|

Before there was Legoland in Plymouth Meeting, there was the region’s first major LEGO event created for local LEGO fans and their families -- all inspired by a seven-year-old girl from Bucks County. Now Brick Fest Live!, the nation’s #1 LEGO event and the largest touring LEGO show in the U.S., is returning home for [...]

5 Questions with David Ross, Partner of Argo Property Group

2018-01-29T09:45:55+00:00 January 27th, 2018|

For Argo Property Group, business is brewing. In three years, the company has gone from two projects to 35, and currently has a development pipeline of $30.5  million across 173,872 sq. ft., of residential and mixed-use properties in Brewerytown and along the W. Girard Ave., commercial corridor in Philadelphia. There are a  few key reasons [...]

Two Hot New Books Available for the Ultimate Eagles Fans

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  The Eagles are headed to the Superbowl and now, Eagles fans can head to their nearest bookstores--okay, or just order on Amazon--to get the latest and hottest books about their beloved team. Fresh off the heels of their route over the Vikings last weekend, Eagles fans are more pumped up than ever. What a [...]

Tejal Patel, Mindful Mamma and Meditation Coach: Infusing Mindfulness into the Lives of Busy Moms

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  The Philly Happening Women Series is a reoccurring feature that  highlights inspirational female personalities, entrepreneurs, and women making a difference in the City of Brotherly Love!   Tejal Patel strives to teach children and families the practice of meditation.   Tejal Patel’s journey as a mindfulness and meditation coach began in an unlikely way: while [...]

Mindful Mogul: Jen Groover Pushes Personal and Professional Boundaries

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    The Philly Happening Women Series is a reoccurring feature that  highlights inspirational female personalities, entrepreneurs, and women making a difference in the City of Brotherly Love!   Local Entrepreneur on constant quest to find the best version of herself.   Tagged by Success magazine as a “One-Woman Brand” and a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by [...]

Out of Town Excursion: Celebrate Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month with Special Discounts for Beginners at PA Ski Resorts

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Looking for  a weekend excursion out of the city? If you've always wanted to ski and snowboard, then you have the perfect excuse to skip town and partake in special deals for beginners at ski resorts around the state. Even if you're a seasoned skier, there's no better time to hit the slopes. January is [...]

Free Yourself: Jodi Aman Empowers Others to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

2018-01-11T19:57:42+00:00 January 10th, 2018|

    Counselor and author Jodi Aman was first introduced to anxiety when she was 5-years-old. “I learned that there was suffering and vulnerability in the world,” Aman says. When Aman was in her 20s, she worked as a social worker at a psychiatric hospital. She was still grappling with her own anxiety. “It kept [...]

Top 8 Things To Do At The Philly Home Show

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Top Eight Things To Do at the 2018 Philly Home Show Thinking about visiting the 2018 Philly Home Show? We fit as many events, features and vendors into the Pennsylvania Convention Center as we can, so doing it all may seem overwhelming. We’ve picked eight highlights to be sure to check off your list. 1. [...]