Shane Victorino appears on Hawaii-Five O

  Before jetting off to Clearwater for spring training with the Philadelphia Phillies, center fielder Shane Victorino, a.k.a the Flyin’ Hawaiian,  guest starred on the CBS television show Hawaii-Five-O. By the looks of it Victorino can do more than play ball, look out Hollywood! […]

Photo of the week

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day which is only 6 days away and the Phillies season starting in just 3 short weeks, we thought we’d tease you with this Photo of the Week once again brought to you by the talented Tony and Amy Hoffer of Hoffer Photography. […]

Philly Happened on this day…

December 21, 1849 On this day in 1849 the first figure skating club in America was formed in the city of Philadelphia, named the  "The Skater's Club of the City and County of Philadelphia", which is now known as the "Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society".   This club was formed by a small group of gentlemen [...]

PhillyHappened on this day…

December 15, 1968 The City of Brotherly love is well known for its loyal and fanatical fans, but even the fanatics have their moments. One of the cities most famous incidents, even gaining national attention, was the pelting of Santa Claus with snowballs at Franklin Field. However the circumstances leading up to this [...]

PhillyHappened on this day…

November 22, 1992 PhillyHappened on this day at Giants Stadium. Philadelphia Eagles own goal punching Vai Sikahema, in a play part of Philly's sports history, returned an 87 yard punt against the New York Giants.