Greg Nardi: Making His Mark on the Philly Yoga Scene

2012-02-27T12:46:56-05:00February 27th, 2012|

Greg Nardi: A World Renowned Yoga Teacher Making His Mark on the Philly Yoga Scene By Lauren Z. Greg Nardi starts his morning before many of us have even rubbed the sleep from our eyes and had a sip of coffee. By 6:30 am he is instructing his  three-hour Mysore yoga class at Shanti Yoga [...]

Show us some Love!

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We want to hear your story! Do you have a fairytale romance filled with serendipity or a high school sweetheart who turned life partner, or how about a hysterically, terrible blind date turned true love? If so we want to hear all the nitty gritty, heart warming, tear jerking, romance there is! Email us with [...]

Send your Valentine a Shout Out

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Want to do something fun and new to surprise your Valentine this year? For just $10 you can send you Valentine a Shout Out on Pick from one of the three shapes and colors below and your shoutout will be posted on Philly Happening on Saturday, February 11th, and a link will be emailed [...]

A Local Love Story brought to you by the Inn At Bowman’s Hill

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 Love at First Sight This local love story all began 39 years ago and is truly a tale of love at first sight. Carl and Arlyn have a fairytale romance that will surely sweep you off your feet just listening to Carl describe how they met when he moved into his first apartment in Center [...]

A Local Love Story brought to you by the Inn of Bowman’s Hill

2012-02-23T06:52:56-05:00December 20th, 2011|

With a breath taking skyline, sunsets over the Delaware river, historic beauty and timeless architecture, Philadelphia boasts a picturesque setting for falling in love. With the diversity of the city and variety of establishments falling in love in Philadelphia is as easy as any fairytale story, and the Inn at Bowman’s Hill has brought you this local love story [...]