November is National Marrow Awareness Month: A COTA Mom is Grateful for Her Son’s Bone Marrow Transplant

November is recognized as National Marrow Awareness Month in order to raise public consciousness of the nearly 10,000 U.S. patients who are waiting for a life-saving bone marrow transplant. For one Connecticut family, this month of gratitude will include an expanded Thanksgiving table thanks to a non-related bone marrow donor who gave their son a [...]

Happening Hero: Jennifer Pownall, Making Gray Matter

Have you ever though of how you might handle a difficult diagnosis like 3 Meningioma Brain Tumors?  What if that diagnosis came to you a week before Christmas?  Something like that might cause a person to want to bury their head in the sand, but when that diagnosis was explained to Jennifer Pownall of Northeast Philadelphia in [...]

Help A Happening Survivor in Her Final Fight

You may remember the very inspiring poet who shared an intimate poem with us during our Happening Survivor campaign in 2012. The Happening Survivor campaign was an initiative to bring breast cancer awareness to our community, especially in young women. You can read many inspiring tales of strength and vigilance from young local women how grabbed [...]

The Wedding Dress Party

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day, and most importantly the gorgeous, breath-taking dress she hopes to wear. With the declining economic climate, many couples have had to downsize their wedding budgets making way for innovative planning techniques and hopes of thrifty shopping finds. Thus The Wedding Dress Party was born; local bride and founder [...]

Happening Survivor: Jodi I.

There is no time more exciting in your life than preparing to have a baby. Life is all roses and sunshine, until the black cloud of breast cancer unexpectedly rolls in and a downpour of unplanned life changing events occur. Happening Survivor, Jodi, experienced just that in March of 2009, as she and her husband [...]

Happening Survivor Poetry

Another empowering poem by Happening Survivor Amy S., a local breast cancer survivor I am screaming inside I am bleeding inside I am crying inside I’m dying inside […]

Happening Survivor: Empowered

Happening Survivor Amy S. was kind enough to share this very moving and inspirational poem with Philly Happening readers. We hope that Amy’s words move you the way they have us, offering inspiration, support, empowerment, understanding or whatever positive emotion you take from her words. I cry sometimes when I am alone; Wondering if one [...]