“There’s a storm coming” for the weekend ahead

Don’t panic, Philadelphia will still be there after this weekend guys! We expect the masses to be at area movie theaters the next three days (and for the foreseeable future); we will be there with you.

I anticipate (mild Batman bias) that “The Dark Knight Rises” will flip the Avengers like an 18-wheeler in the middle of Gotham or drop it out of the sky (minor spoiler) like a wingless fuselage, depending on your big stunt preference.

While we tend to focus on happenings here in Philadelphia, a cultural phenomenon (we are a lifestyle magazine after all) that is a few hours away from consuming the full attention of the world is difficult to overlook. Seriously, it is everywhere you look. You are currently reading about it are you not? Honestly, there will be more butts in the seats at theaters than anywhere in the city this weekend.

The Curious nature of reviews and the comment controversy (see Rotten Tomatoes if you happen to have been in the batcave this whole time) surrounding this particular movie has the internet, fanboys and water coolers a buzz. Mix in some seriously misguided political nonsense surrounding a characters name (FYI, Bane was developed in 1993) and it is hard to imagine the movie remains a mystery to 99.9% of us (at least for the next few hours).

Eight years have passed in Gotham, while four have passed for us since the credits rolled at the end of The Dark Knight. Tonight, the legend ends.

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