Another empowering poem by Happening Survivor Amy S., a local breast cancer survivor

I am screaming inside
I am bleeding inside
I am crying inside
I’m dying inside

You made me feel useless
You made me feel worthless
But still my life’s plentiful
And I feel so beautiful
More than I’d ever been
Since the day u decided to move in

You didn’t ruin me
You can’t damage me
You won’t hurt me
You can’t have me
I am resilient
I am passionate

You are ruthless
I am speechless
But still feeling more wonderful
And even more powerful

You can’t break me
You can’t own me
You can’t use me
You can’t take me
I have my dignity
I have my sanity
I have my discretions
I have my ambitions

It is you that drives me
It is you that reminds me
That life is too short
That love is too short
That laughter is to short
That experiences are too short

You don’t define me
You don’t beat me
You live in me
But you won’t kill me
I am laughing inside
I am loving inside
I am beaming inside
I am LIVING inside

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