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valentine popcorn treat

These semi-nutritious snacks will make the kiddies and their parents happy, with a minimal amount of chocolate pieces and a dose of fiber with light butter or butter free popcorn filled treat bags. Simple and VERY cost effective to make.

One bag of microwavable popcorn and half a bag of M&M candies will fill approximately 8 cone shaped bags or sandwich size plastic baggies. Simply tie with festive ribbon or red curling ribbon and Wah-La!


valentines treat ideas



How cute and easy are these fun Valentine’s Day treats for your child? Makeover the class with mustaches and red lips for a great laugh and some really adorable photos.




I dig you, valentine's for kids


Grab a shovel and spread the love! This idea is creatively cute and easy to make. With some inexpensive plastic shovels, plastic bags and your favorite Valentine’s candy, these “I Dig You” goodie bags will please children of all ages.





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