A ‘Fortune’ate Experience: Manayunk Woman Competes on Wheel of Fortune


Emily Johnson got to spin the wheel of fortune yesterday.

How she did, we can’t reveal–yet–but the Manayunk resident and assistant dean of students at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, enjoyed her experience as a contestant at the taping of  Wheel of Fortune in Culver City, CA.

Johnson, a life-long WOF fan, is being featured on an episode of the show’s “Philadelphia Week,” which airs Friday, May 20.

Johnson auditioned for the game show back in the fall and was surprised at her work by the news station 6 ABC with the announcement that she had been selected to compete on the show.

Philly Happening caught up with Johnson after her day of taping to find out the inside scoop on her WOF obsession, what Pat and Vanna are really like, and what it’s like behind the scenes of one of America’s top game shows.

P.H.:  How did your obsession with WOF begin?

E.J.: I would watch it with my parents when I was little, and then Dave [her husband] and I started watching it again when we moved in together. It just became a tradition. I love basically all games and game shows.

P.H.: What inspired you to try out for the show?

E.J.: Dave always said I should make a video to apply, and then we saw that the Wheel Mobile was going to be in Atlantic City having open auditions. We went and I happened to be called up to play, and then I was called back for the final audition in Philly!

P.H.: What do you think makes you so good at WOF?

E.J.: I love puzzles and am pretty good at figuring them out. I’m also super positive and smile a lot — not sure if that makes me good at the game, but I think it helped get me on the show!

P.H.: What was the taping experience like?

E.J.: The taping was interesting. It was a really long day and we had a lot of coaching and practice. The other contestants were so nice; it didn’t feel very competitive, more like we were all rooting for each other. It was a really pleasant experience.

P.H.:  How were Pat Sajak and Vanna White?

E.J.: Just as nice as everyone says they are. Especially Vanna. She came and said hi to us throughout the day. Super genuine and friendly.

P.H.:  Can you tell me anything about the other contestants?

E.J.: Just that they were really nice and it was funny how quickly we bonded. By the end of the day, it felt like I had known them for years!

P.H.: What has been the coolest part about this experience so far?
E.J.: Learning how it all works behind the scenes and meeting so many great people.

P.H.:  What makes WOF cooler than other game shows?
E.J.: The fact that every contestant on the episode can be a winner! You get to take whatever you win home with you, which doesn’t happen on many other game shows.

Stay tuned for a follow-up story on Johnson’s WOF appearance when the show airs in May.

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